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  1. Hey sorry it has taken me so long, if you rather me use the pic you posted I can but you said it didnt matter so I went ahead and just used a pre-cut one. I didnt know if you wanted the Field in Color or B&W since it was for 2K9 so I did both, Click on the pics for the big sizes: I will try and get some more done tonight Hey thanks man these look great! That pic is good. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  2. Nice job. Great logo. I like it. It might be a little too cartoony though. Otherwise, great job!
  3. I agree, the predator's logo set is at the bottom of the league. I'd love to see a brand spanking new logo. I agree the current Preds logo set isn't that mind-blowing, but it does fit the name, considering the fact that the team was named after a sabre-tooth skeleton found in the local area. A few tweaks to their primary logo could make it ok-looking. The skull logo has to go though. What ever happened to that Nashville/N/Tower alternate? That was pretty cool. +1 Been saying these same things for years. Eliminate some of the shading, tone down the detail around the eye, drop a colour or two....yeah it has potential. I was thinking something more like this That actually looks a lot better! I would go for that.
  4. K. Thanks for the Johnny Canuck logo anyway.
  5. Is there anything new on this updated style guide? Anything from third jerseys?
  6. Love this logo! Thanks for posting it!
  7. Cards and Chiefs should be red. White isn't terrible, but I would have gone with red. Bills, Pats, and Giants probaly should have been blue. Bears and Broncos should be navy. Dolphins aqua. Colts anything but black. Blue or white that is. I could go on for a while...
  8. I'm just happy the Vikes is purple The rest aren't very good.
  9. I thought they both said "49ers". But really, I agree.
  10. Bmac

    Kansas City Royals

    I made a logo similar to your primary. Sort of a re-coloring. Either I posted it somewhere else, or I forgot to post it. Anyway, looks good.
  11. Game: MLB 2K9 Console: Wii if you are doing them Player: Joe Mauer Team: Twins I don't really care what picture, but something like this would be cool: Maybe you could use this for the background:
  12. Bmac

    Baseball Sigs

    Hey thanks! Those look great!
  13. Bmac

    Baseball Sigs

    The Oriole looks a little fat and the Jays a little thin...? Anway, could I get two Twins ones please? One with the TC logo and one with the M logo. Thanks in advance. These look great.
  14. Everything looks great. I love it. But I miss purple
  15. Somewhat creative with the zero, but man that is ugly. Thrashaslug is right.
  16. Agreed. I hate the Avs, but I love that logo. Nice job!
  17. Bmac

    The MLB BP project

    No one's arguing. GBM and I are merely having polite conversation with opinions that happen to differ. Ok. That's fine. I just didn't want this thread to become about a difference in opions rather than your great concepts. If you haven't noticed, I think they look good.
  18. Bmac

    The MLB BP project

    Elliot- Great job. Everything looks great. The Jays looks like its missing something. More black perhaps? I dunno. And guys, can we please stop arguing? Elliot has some great concepts here.
  19. Bmac

    MLB 2009

    Why do so a bunch of spring training games have teams wearing color vs. color? The Philly-Canada game I couldn't tell who was who from a distance. Why can't one team wear a different color?
  20. I saw a Red Sox version of this at Scheel's a few months ago. I never did post it. But it looked exactly like that, only it had the Red Sox script.
  21. So are these gonna be used every year? I liked having a new logo each year. It makes it fun to collect the hats and shirts and stuff. I've got almost every one scince 1998 when I first went (I live in Omaha) and each logo is different. I hope that continues.
  22. If you don't mind my asking, is there anything new for next year at all?
  23. I, like many of you, have been fascinated i logos and uniforms scince I was young. I would always look at my MLB bed sheets as well. My dad had/has all these different types of standings boards for MLB, NFL, NHL, and the BIg 12 (Husker Fans of course). I would always look at them and draw them and redesign them and all kinds of things. At the start of every season, my dad would get the updated logo or hat or helmet for the leagues. He would always split the old ones up between me and my brother. We would always study them, and then make our own version of each logo. (Quick story: My brother once made a Steelers logo that included a guy robbing a bank and the word Stealers below.) Eventually I made my own leagues with logos for each team. Then I began to draw up uniforms as well. I began to look on the internet for logos and came across Every now and then I would print one off and trace it or something. One day, I was watching the Vikes destroy the Lions and noticed the Lions Blue jersey was lighter than the navy blue used on the field. So I made a nvy Lions jersey. My first ever. Eventually I had my mom trace a uniform and make some copies and I would color it in. I expanded to all sports. Then I figured out how to do it on the computer, thanks to this site. I continue to make new logos and uniforms to this day. That's my story! BTW, I enjoyed reading each of the other posts. Good luck to all in your futures, especially to Braden going out to design the world!
  24. Great to see that this thread is going again. Can't wait to see all the Coyotes stuff up there. Does anyone happen to have any of those Coyotes logos (without the jerseys)?