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  1. I wish Minnesota or UNO was in it. I guess I don't really care, though North Dakota sounds good. My pick is probaly Notre Dame. They might face Boston U. in the championship.
  2. These look GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you taking requests?
  3. Husker fan from Australia? That mis AWESOME!! I live in Omaha. NE. It's nice to see Husker Nation goes to other countries. GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!

  4. WTF??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? All because of an effin stripe on a uniform?!?!?!?!? Thats BS.
  5. Holy **** that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. My biggest problem with the site is that the images are just way to small. I would really like to see some of the finer details in the uniforms. Agreed. Can't wait to see what happens.
  7. Yeah, I saw it at Oak View when I was in Omaha on Saturday. Ya, that has been there forever. I remember seeing it in first grade, like 10 or more years ago. The one at Westroads is updated, though.
  8. We have had that logo at stores here in Omaha for many years now. For at least 7 years. Maybe more.
  9. I am reminded of Bowling Green...
  10. Holy **** you are amazing! Nice job!
  11. Hey sorry it has taken me so long, if you rather me use the pic you posted I can but you said it didnt matter so I went ahead and just used a pre-cut one. I didnt know if you wanted the Field in Color or B&W since it was for 2K9 so I did both, Click on the pics for the big sizes: I will try and get some more done tonight Hey thanks man these look great! That pic is good. Thanks!!!!!!!!
  12. Nice job. Great logo. I like it. It might be a little too cartoony though. Otherwise, great job!
  13. I agree, the predator's logo set is at the bottom of the league. I'd love to see a brand spanking new logo. I agree the current Preds logo set isn't that mind-blowing, but it does fit the name, considering the fact that the team was named after a sabre-tooth skeleton found in the local area. A few tweaks to their primary logo could make it ok-looking. The skull logo has to go though. What ever happened to that Nashville/N/Tower alternate? That was pretty cool. +1 Been saying these same things for years. Eliminate some of the shading, tone down the detail around the eye, drop a colour or two....yeah it has potential. I was thinking something more like this That actually looks a lot better! I would go for that.
  14. K. Thanks for the Johnny Canuck logo anyway.
  15. Is there anything new on this updated style guide? Anything from third jerseys?
  16. Love this logo! Thanks for posting it!
  17. Cards and Chiefs should be red. White isn't terrible, but I would have gone with red. Bills, Pats, and Giants probaly should have been blue. Bears and Broncos should be navy. Dolphins aqua. Colts anything but black. Blue or white that is. I could go on for a while...
  18. I'm just happy the Vikes is purple The rest aren't very good.
  19. I thought they both said "49ers". But really, I agree.
  20. Bmac

    Kansas City Royals

    I made a logo similar to your primary. Sort of a re-coloring. Either I posted it somewhere else, or I forgot to post it. Anyway, looks good.
  21. Game: MLB 2K9 Console: Wii if you are doing them Player: Joe Mauer Team: Twins I don't really care what picture, but something like this would be cool: Maybe you could use this for the background:
  22. Bmac

    Baseball Sigs

    Hey thanks! Those look great!
  23. Bmac

    Baseball Sigs

    The Oriole looks a little fat and the Jays a little thin...? Anway, could I get two Twins ones please? One with the TC logo and one with the M logo. Thanks in advance. These look great.