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  1. Here is a Cleveland Indians logo a created. It's just modified slightly from the original. I think it looks a bit cartoonish or childish.
  2. Bmac

    MLB 2009

    Does anyone know when the Rangers are unveiling?
  3. Bmac

    Buffalo Bills

    This is by far the best Bills concept i have seen all year, even better than my own. I like how you mixed the classic past with the present. Great job!
  4. I know that there are several nfl prototype helmets out there and I am trying to collect pictures of them. If you know of any please help me out. Here is what i have so far: Minnesota Vikings: Atlanta Falcons: New Orleans Saints:
  5. Bmac

    Royals Gold Out

    Well, here is the big one. It won't come in very well. I'm having difficulty getting it to look good. I apoligize for the poor quality, but I have been working with this for quite some time now and I'm afraid this mite be the best I can get it. C & C please.
  6. Bmac

    Royals Gold Out

    Here is part 1 of the unis:
  7. Bmac

    Royals Gold Out

    I'll have the unis up shortly (hopefully). Thanks to all for waiting.
  8. Bmac

    Royals Gold Out

    Ya i'm workin on it but they arent lookin so good.
  9. Bmac

    Royals Gold Out

    Nothing much. Just replaced white with gold. Could it work?
  10. Could I get a couple of college teams? I want Nebraska, white w/ red bill, red, and gray w/ red bill. No problem if you can't make them. Thanks.
  11. I just got my Vikings fan newsletter and it said they are wearing throwbacks on Nov. 30 against da Bearsss. I am excited.
  12. Sorry, but who exactly is Mooterus? That is the Mooterus as it is so politely nicknamed, lol. I did not know that. Thank you.
  13. I love these! They are kinda like a mix between a few certain 1990's NHL 3rd jeseys and the MLB Turn Ahead the Clock jerseys. Can't wait to see the Vikings!
  14. Five posts above you, eagle-eye. Sorry, I kinda missed the first part.
  15. It has been said that the Sabres Buffaslug logo is supposed to resemble a "B" for Buffalo. I have not yet been able to see the B. Could someone please point it out me?
  16. I guess I am the only one who likes the Isles current jerseys.
  17. Wow, did I cause that to happen? I feel kinda special. So it is official then?
  18. That's the one! Is it an official logo?
  19. Darn! I was really hoping for an orange jersey. But these are ok I guess. I'm not a fan of the socks, but everything else is fine.
  20. I remember seeing some kind of Thrashers logo that had the Thrasher head in front of an A. Can anybody find that?
  21. I am trying to collect as much information as I can on NHL alternate logos. I have been using of course, but I was wondering if there are any existing logos that are not there. I am looking for any logos used within the past 5 years.