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    Canucks Logo

    So if I understand correctly, they are using this logo on the 3rd jersey: And the logo above on the sleeves. Is this correct?
  2. Bmac

    Canucks Logo

    I'm assuming this isn't used either. What happened to it?
  3. Bmac

    NFL Uniforms

    Cards black would be great. Cowboys do need to match the blues. Pats need a red alt. Bucs need black alt. G-men need a stripe or 2 on the sleeves of the jerseys.
  4. Bmac

    Canucks Logo

    I really like the logo. Nice job. I won't use it now that I know who's it is. Thanks.
  5. Bmac

    Canucks Logo

    Is this even a real logo, or did somebody, possibly here, create it?
  6. Bmac

    Canucks Logo

    Here is a better view.
  7. Bmac

    Canucks Logo

    I was wondering if you guys could answer a few questions about some NHL logos for me. Is this logo used at all by the team? On merchandise, or anything? The one on the left.
  8. I love the idea. Being a NU baseball nut, I must say they are amazing. The script is a little off though. The gray hat is great.
  9. I still vote for Nebraska. Go Huskers!
  10. The QB in the stadium looks like Eli Manning. Because it sucks? Do the HAVE a QB in Buffalo? I mean, come on! Think before you mock! Manning was part of my fantasy team's QB tandem this season. I did think about it. He sucks. And to answer your question, no. FIXED See, I told you! jk-nice job
  11. Keep voting! ISU doesnt even have a team. Go Nebraska!
  12. The Rams one is used around the stadium a lot.
  13. That Nuggets logo is the main one on the court this year.
  14. The Jazz use that logo on their website.
  15. True, but it doesn't look like Brett Favre, Trent Green, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, or any other white QBs, even if the logo were in the outfit of those respective teams. Somehow the face looks like Eli's. I dunno
  16. The QB in the stadium looks like Eli Manning.