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  1. They've spent the last 7 years trying to rebrand the athletic department and become and established D1 school, the last thing they want is to be in a conference with opponents from pre-D1 days. Omaha is looking at the Horizon or the Valley, but it's more likely the Horizon makes an offer of the two conferences.
  2. Omaha wants nothing to do with their pre-D1 days. Rumor has it they've been looking to join a more metropolitan conference and this move could set off a chain reaction. Denver and Seattle are rumored to be headed to the WCC potentially.
  3. Isn't that the obvious choice? Going full weird and crazy could lose all customers. Keeping the uniforms tame keeps people who are on the fence about the name/logo in the game.
  4. It's been rumored that if Augustana joins, Omaha and Denver are leaving the Summit. Omaha to Horizon, Denver to a western based conference.
  5. The stitching on that crest is beautiful. I love the attention to detail.
  6. 2017 used a different material. 2016 didn't feature the New Era logo. So it is indeed the 2018 version.
  7. The Phillies' alternate caps already use the darker royal blue.
  8. This is the official logo: The artist formerly known as Colorwerx confirmed this shade of blue is accurate.
  9. While I hope the Adidas collar design in general is changed, I really want this to mean the Blackhawks are adding laces to the collars. Black collar with white laces is my favorite look for them.
  10. I love Minnesota's NHL team but try to avoid anything that just says "Wild." I have one shirt that reads "WILD HOCKEY" and it annoys me so much.
  11. During the Islanders' return to Nassau Coliseum the other day the broadcasters said the banners were replacements for the originals, which had been moved to Barclays and will be moved to Belmont eventually. So they have an entire second set of banners (it's like 30 banners at least) for their second arena.
  12. The caps don't need a white outline and you can all fight me.
  13. I mean you're absolutely right, which is exactly why I'm advocating for it. The regular season should be as competitive as the postseason. Cut down on the total number of games if you have to. But everything you said is exactly why I want to see that in the regular season. Teams should have to be on top of their game all season long. Admittedly my primary basis for this concept comes from my love of college hockey, which has the exact opposite problem. The regular season is wonderfully competitive and every series is so important. Of course, it's all undone with the obligatory dumb NCAA playoff format. Much like the March Madness tournament, the hockey postseason relies on the excitement of a potential playoff run to the Frozen Four. I yearn for a competitive regular season capped off by a competitive, rewarding postseason. Again, I realize it's not the most practical at this point but for the sake of competition and relevance I think a series concept would be beneficial. And you're spot on with Boxing Day.
  14. I think that depends heavily on the market. Hockey takes center stage in places like Minnesota and Canada and therefore seems to do better on the weekend. In places like New York or Philadelphia hockey isn't likely the most popular event in town and might not be as popular on a weekend. But I believe all of that is a product of the way the league has been run for the past 50 years. Had the NHL originally adopted a series format in 1967 I think we'd see a more competitive, much more popular league today. You're absolutely right about scheduling. Ideally it'd be a combination of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday games with a day off somewhere in there. Games on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday wouldn't exist. There would probably be less games in a season as well. I don't think there's any realistic way to implement such a change today. It's probably too late. But I still feel it provides the opportunity for the best hockey.
  15. I'd modify the NHL schedule so that teams are playing three game series every weekend. The most competitive hockey tends to be played when teams face off in a series (look at the playoffs or regular season home and home games). Plus it would add the excitement of a big series being played each weekend (look at the playoffs, college hockey, or baseball). The primary concern with this idea is player health. Hockey is an exhausting game, especially if played three nights in a row. One option is to spread the games out between a handful of days, so long as a game is being played Friday or Saturday night. Another option is to eliminate early weekday games entirely, because there's already an issue with fans attending games on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. Making each series more of an "event" would pump more excitement into a league that desperately needs some attention. Casual fans have a hard time getting invested when they don't understand the schedule. Football schedules are obviously the most intriguing for fans but even baseball and college hockey schedules present some excitement. It would be much better for fans if they could say "the Rangers are coming to town this weekend!" as opposed to not knowing when games are or who the opponent is.
  16. The blue jersey really needs a front number to balance out that logo.
  17. Saskatchewan wearing the retro uniforms today in the playoffs. Fantastic look.