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  1. The Omaha Storm Chasers used to wear blue with gold trim at home and black with gold trim on the road. The gold tied the identity together and it was a great look. Now they wear blue all the time after black was almost entirely eliminated from their identity.
  2. There was piping on the Indians' coaches caps at some point in the 70's.
  3. Regardless of a potential black third jersey, Minnesota has used black as their primary retail color for years. All "on-ice" products (jackets, caps, etc.) are usually black. Oddly enough black is listed as the team's primary retail color, with green as a secondary color. That being said, a black third jersey is still possible, although apparently unlikely. The latest report was that it may be scrapped after not passing the TV test.
  4. I REALLY wish the Raptors followed through with a name change to the Huskies in 2013. I don't mind the Raptors brand (current or former) but Toronto Huskies is a great identity waiting to happen. It doesn't necessarily need to be blue and white like it was originally, but that would certainly help tie into Toronto sports branding. Missed opportunity.
  5. This is fantastic! The color balance is perfect. The panther logo is beautifully rendered and looks excellent in the mockups.
  6. Omaha recently sold the naming rights of the downtown arena (formerly named CenturyLink Center) to CHI Health, meaning it's now the CHI Health Center. Which sounds like a hospital.
  7. A friend from Vegas said he believes the Knights third jersey to be red. That's his own speculation based on conversations with team store employees and merchandise trends for VGK, so nothing concrete, but certainly interesting.
  8. This is perhaps the most creative concept series I've seen during my 10+ years on this message board. Everything is so incredibly thought out and intentional, right down to the last detail. Amazing work.
  9. Des Moines and Omaha don't work if they keep the current system in place and start the season in February. It's the first of March and still supposed to snow again, I guarantee nobody would be attending football games in this weather. Also, Omaha's only true football stadium belongs to a high school. I assume any new team would play at the baseball stadium again, but after the Nighthawks and Mammoths failed I don't see much support for future teams.
  10. I am absolutely in love with the St Louis Cardinals identity and want to follow the team solely for that reason. However, I've always disliked the team and their fans and there's no way around it.
  11. Yeah, the red cap looks better. They've worn in with the white uniforms a few times.
  12. Not that I'm advocating for a switch to this particular front-paneled hat, but the red really brings a nice splash of color to the Twins otherwise muddy uniforms.
  13. We, in this community, tend to forget that generally speaking the common person prefers to purchase neutral colored clothing and accessories. Having worked in sports retail I can tell you most people tend to purchase caps based on the base color, and tend to stick with something safe, such as black. It was very difficult to sell the Marlins orange caps, while the black caps were fairly popular. Of course, these days the throwback colors sell best, but that's considered a special circumstance because those caps aren't available full time. In short: it's easier/safer to sell standard color caps. Such as black. That being said, the Marlins absolutely need to switch to blue caps. Now.
  14. I've been seeing Fleet Farm for nearly 20 years and just realized the logo is made up of 2 F's.
  15. I'm shocked by all the sudden dislike of the Jets uniforms, a side from the Nike template errors. Are people just bored? Their current look is essentially "the look" for the franchise. Change it to Kelly green and you're set.
  16. Baylor is an exception. They use metallic gold in football, yellow in baseball, and neon yellow in basketball.
  17. The Twins were planning to introduce hats featuring the logo from last year's Players Weekend caps, TC inside the outline of Minnesota. Evidently they chose not to follow through with those plans. The logo was supposed to appear on the BP/ST caps as well as the St Paddy's Day caps.
  18. I really wish the Lightning would use bright yellow. Pair it with black or blue, I don't care. But play up the bold lightning color idea. The ASG stuff was close, start with that.
  19. The logo and general theme of the brand is fantastic. The helmet is great, though I would've used different colors. The uniforms are bad. They're certainly on the right track but the execution is lacking.
  20. In 2011 the Twins designated the cream throwbacks as the primary home option to honor Harmon Killebrew. In August the team made the M caps the primary option because of a hot streak while wearing them, creating this odd mismatch of a look:
  21. Nebraska football switched from gray facemasks to red for the 1982 Orange Bowl. They've been red ever since.