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  1. The North Stars used the logo that would coincide with their move to Dallas at center ice during the last season before the rebrand to black. There's a better photo out there somewhere but I can't find it at the moment...
  2. It makes me so sad that brewery branding is really cool, yet the team named after the industry doesn't have cool branding. Regardless of how the glove logo is used, I wish they'd come up with a separate logo that evokes the concept of "a brewery's baseball team."
  3. The split color word mark on the road jersey makes it seem like they literally couldn't decide if they wanted to be red or black. Red lettering carries over from the home, but could leave a black cap feeling out of place. The sock and undershirt pairings are also odd, but perhaps that'll be different on the field.
  4. For a long time I thought Oklahoma's OU logo was a Q. This was the logo I grew up seeing:
  5. I just now noticed the eye. I always figured there was supposed to be an eye in that shape but never really focused on it until this post.
  6. As a kid I learned about sports teams via trading cards and collectible helmets that my dad gave me. I'd collect trading cards and organize them by team. Every now and then I'd ask my dad about a certain team and he'd tell me they no longer existed, shattering my understanding of reality. I remember getting really excited about the California Seals and then learning they were long gone. I constantly drew logos of teams from each league, which were no doubt inaccurate due to my misunderstanding of relocation and such. My dad had this NFL standings board with the little magnetic helmets. I used that to learn the NFL teams. The orange helmets faded to a very light shade, almost pink. So I grew up thinking the Browns and Bengals wore light pink helmets. I couldn't tell the two teams apart until I finally saw the Bengals on TV and fell in love with their tiger striped uniforms. I remember asking why the Colts logo was a U, thinking the Oilers logo was a power line, and I thought it was funny Pittsburgh's team was named after thieves (Stealers).
  7. The two pieces of information I knew where 1) powder blue is/was returning as an alternate option and 2) they are going to have a "blue" alternate jersey this year. Now, I took that to mean those were one in the same, but evidently that isn't the case.
  8. I was told powder blue is returning in 2020, at this point that's just a band-aid on this mess of an identity. My long shot hope is that the cream alternates are disappearing for a year or two because they're going to be reintroduced as the full time home uniforms in a few years. Or at least something with pinstripes...
  9. As a Twins fan I actually don't hate the gold in general, but they don't seem to have a clear, consistent approach to how to incorporate the color. It muddies up the home uniform as a drop shadow, and this latest attempt has the worst color balance I've ever seen on a Twins uniform. The red jersey actually utilizes gold the best, but I don't think that justifies keeping the color around. I might skip out on watching this team every day and opt for a radio feed instead. Seeing the cream alternates every few home games was worth it, now I'm not so sure. They're dropping the best uniform option, including the classic TC cap. It's so frustrating when your favorite team keeps getting farther away from their signature visual identity.
  10. In 2013 Nebraska's double stripe design moved closer to the shoulders (as opposed to the traditional sleeve stripes) as a result of a change to the latest Adidas template at the time. I thought it was a great look and probably the best option for handling the shoulder stripe design. For comparison, Wisconsin and UCLA during the same season: I realize the Nike template doesn't offer the same opportunities but this is still the best alternative option in my opinion.
  11. Todd Radom is handling the branding so we can forget the ridiculous Brandiose themes.
  12. The new BP caps should be arriving at most retailers this month so we may get a few early looks.
  13. I've been at some pretty bad minor league baseball games. You know - the games where it's a noon or earlier first pitch on a Wednesday with 92 degree temperature and the good players have already been called up to the major league team and the minor league team isn't in playoff contention and the visiting team puts up like 7 runs in the first two innings. Those kind of games.
  14. Knowing the NHL, you're probably correct.
  15. Focusing on the branding specifically (there's a good discussion on the WC in the Sports in General section), here's the graphic Dallas is using. The lime green color appears to be part of their social media branding already.
  16. After reading the press release and some of the other materials it is quite obvious someone at the NHL got caught up in the excitement of college football and wanted to steal that for hockey. Basically "hey this is cool, let's do this with hockey!" It's not too different from what we saw today at Notre Dame or even at Wrigley Field. But they're going all in on the old school Texas college football thing, which is less connected to hockey simply because of the market. It might work. Who do we think for the opponent - Minnesota, Detroit, someone else? Colorado is hosting the Stadium Series game so they're out. I'd be surprised if it's St Louis, who is hosting the ASG. Some are speculating Nashville, which is really going all in on the southern markets thing.
  17. I'm in favor of some new teams (not Chicago) getting involved, but this is frustrating. Colorado, Columbus and Minnesota should have hosted by now. The Stadium Series certainly doesn't count. Dallas is a less than ideal market for this event due to weather and current status of the franchise, but I hope they really embrace this. The opponent will be a huge part of potential success so I hope the NHL knows what they're doing. But they don't...
  18. They've spent the last 7 years trying to rebrand the athletic department and become and established D1 school, the last thing they want is to be in a conference with opponents from pre-D1 days. Omaha is looking at the Horizon or the Valley, but it's more likely the Horizon makes an offer of the two conferences.
  19. Omaha wants nothing to do with their pre-D1 days. Rumor has it they've been looking to join a more metropolitan conference and this move could set off a chain reaction. Denver and Seattle are rumored to be headed to the WCC potentially.
  20. Isn't that the obvious choice? Going full weird and crazy could lose all customers. Keeping the uniforms tame keeps people who are on the fence about the name/logo in the game.
  21. It's been rumored that if Augustana joins, Omaha and Denver are leaving the Summit. Omaha to Horizon, Denver to a western based conference.
  22. The stitching on that crest is beautiful. I love the attention to detail.
  23. 2017 used a different material. 2016 didn't feature the New Era logo. So it is indeed the 2018 version.