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  1. Change at the AA level: Chattanooga Lookouts become a Reds affiliate once again. Pensacola will most likely link up with Minnesota. There's a chance the Padres end up there instead but all signs point to them going with a new team in Amarillo.
  2. While doing research lately for a somewhat unrelated project, I noticed there aren't many train-related team names in sports. This surprises me because the train industry is such a large part of US history and was very relevant at the time many sports teams were formed. The name "Trains" hasn't been used and seems like an odd name for some reason. Yet there don't seem to be common alternate options. Off the top of my head: Las Vegas Locos (Locomotives) - UFL Purdue Boilermakers - NCAA Round Rock Express - MiLB Denver/New Orleans Zephyrs - MiLB (branding ignored the train-inspired name) Bloomington Thunder - USHL (branding was train-themed despite the name not necessarily being train-related) Omaha Golden Spikes - MiLB Hartford Yard Goats - MiLB We supposedly almost had the Houston Railmen at one point. Others? All of the names listed seem fairly unique. Why isn't there more common train-themed branding?
  3. @OnWis97 nailed it. Late 80's White Sox came to mind for me.
  4. If it was navy it's most likely a KC Monarchs cap. (But not necessarily.)
  5. The Buffaslug logo and corresponding uniforms. A return to familiar colors combined with a fierce, modern theme led to a well-intentioned rebrand. Unfortunately it wasn't executed very well...
  6. I prefer the Brewers to use a script but this is a fantastic uniform. Too bad it was so short lived.
  7. I didn't really mind the Baby Cakes or Yard Goats or Jumbo Shrimp. But this latest batch is horrible. They're just putting random words together now. It has become a contest to see who can come up with the most ridiculous name.
  8. The Illini are hoping to join D1 in 2020 but there's a lot of work ahead of them. I wonder if UIC would bring their program back.
  9. This reminds me of a concept you'd see on here.
  10. Wow, this is awful. It looks like a fan concept. It doesn't match the tone of the previous WC logos at all (other than the usual script and design elements). What an unremarkable Winter Classic overall.
  11. Logan Morrison has been wearing red sleeves lately for the Twins. When worn with the navy jerseys it reminds me of Cleveland.
  12. Navy and orange is the better color scheme for the Edmonton Oilers, not royal blue and orange. Oilers - navy and orange Islanders - royal blue and orange
  13. OH MY GOD I've been searching for 17 years and tonight at the game they had the proposed logos on display!
  14. Yesterday at work I noticed the read for a pitching change is, "This call to the McDonald's bullpen is brought to you by Phoenix Food & Spirits." That's two sponsors in one read...
  15. I thought Rob Gronkowski was the Official Douche of the NFL?
  16. Penguins almost moved to Kansas City in the early 2000's. I believe the Islanders and Predators were rumoured to be looking at KC at one point as well.
  17. In 2001 the Omaha Golden Spikes were considering returning to the Omaha Royals name (and did so in 2002) and there was an article in the local paper that showed 3 or 4 possible logo options for the new Royals. They were printed in color and all featured the traditional blue and yellow color scheme. One was the logo they ended up using (a fairly generic "Royals" in front of an O) and one featured a lion. I don't recall the other options and I've never been able to find anything about this. I've been searching for years but can't find anything.
  18. There was a powder blue version worn in 1967 and 1968. The uniform pictured above was worn in 1969 and 1970.
  19. The powder blue uniforms were worn 1967-1968. The gray uniforms pictured here were worn 1969-1970.
  20. The other day I was watching footage of the 1991 College World Series and noticed Long Beach State was wearing essentially the Padres late 80's road design but with yellow instead of orange. It was absolutely beautiful. Gray uniform with brown pinstripes, LB logo on the chest in brown with yellow trim. Caps were brown with yellow LB logo. It really made me wish the Padres had worn that, or better yet, would switch to it now.
  21. When I was a youngster I wore my Twins TC cap quite frequently, once to a basketball game where someone asked if it was a Texas Tech hat.
  22. During that Cubs/Indians World Series I was wearing a Blackhawks hat one day and someone got mad at me thinking it was a Cleveland hat.