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  1. Not a fake. These were actually available for purchase around the time the new deal was announced.
  2. There is so much inconsistency and confusion surrounding that Phillies logo. Introduced for the 1970 season, which was supposed to be the first in the new Veterans Stadium. Construction was delayed and they ended up wearing the new uniforms at the old ballpark. From 1970-1973 the P featured the baseball "stitching" on both the caps and jerseys. In 1974 the baseball disappeared from the logo on the jerseys. In 1987 the baseball returned to the jersey logo. 1992 the Phillies rebranded and discontinued use of the logo.
  3. With this news I've been finding out recently that I'm the only one who dislikes the 51's identity. An alien based identity could be really cool. The current one is not. Give me neon green and black, not royal blue. Such a missed opportunity.
  4. I don't remember the exact numbers, but from my days in sports retail I can tell you the amount being donated from NFL Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise and similar causes was very low, especially compared to the profit they're turning on the merchandise itself. I don't imagine the JR42 merchandise to be much different from MLB.
  5. The Diamondbacks rebrand was primarily done in-house but the uniforms were actually outsourced to Under Armour.
  6. Wearing the same number to represent equality is a nice idea, but wearing patches with the sole purpose (let's be honest here) of selling more merchandise is pathetic.
  7. Colored jerseys have been worn in MLB for 55 years. 46 if you don't want to count colored jerseys worn with matching colored pants. And before that colored uniforms were common until 1917. So unless you watched baseball during the 1918-1962 period, you should be used to them by now. (If that's the case, so be it, but I imagine the majority of the members of this community are too young for that to be the case.) I completely understand preferring the traditional white and gray setup to colored jerseys, but acting like they "don't belong in MLB" is a bit silly at this point. Since 1900, colored uniforms have been in use for a longer period than they haven't.
  8. This is the second or third season they've worn those navy jerseys. I think the red jerseys were a special event, not worn regularly. The white jerseys are new for 2018.
  9. This might be the best upgrade of all time. They went from a forgettable, generic look that was poorly designed to a unique and well developed identity that has stood the test of time. The identity utilizes unique colors and has a clear theme, but has never been over the top or gimmicky. It's actually kind of surprising to see something that timeless come out of the 90's. It's a modern classic that appeared just before the merchandise craze and has proven to be a strong identity for years.
  10. A simple adjustment of the brightness and warmth of the image reveals the jersey is indeed light blue with navy lettering.
  11. They plan to wear the BP cap quite a bit this year during games.
  12. Many, if not most, use sublimated graphics now. It was a big push from some of the uniform suppliers, namely Wilson, in recent years.
  13. I was shocked to learn a few years ago that baseball teams used to move into a new stadium part way through a season. Something like that would never happen today. The fact that it happened at Safeco Field is insane, given how recent that was.
  14. If it's not appropriate to post links to concepts, the mods may remove this. I'm not sure where we stand on that but this thread seems like the perfect example of an appropriate time. This is a concept I made last year: Cincinnati Reds
  15. The A's should be unveiling theirs today (I think people here are going to be happy). Off the top of my head I think there's one more alternate uniform we haven't seen. And two hats. There's also some special event stuff in the works but I'm not sure how that's going to be handled.
  16. The good thing about the Tigers change is that the D logo will finally be the right size on the caps. I've always hated how small it was.
  17. I love the visual theme established in the Dodgers anniversary logos. There are things I'd do differently but ultimately they convey the theme perfectly.
  18. Cavs vs Warriors in the Kia Hovercar NBA Finals presented by Mtn Dew for 125 years in a row is getting kind of boring.
  19. Oh there's also a special event uniform that'll be unveiled next month I believe.
  20. We'll see a few more new things before the season starts. It's been months since I've seen the retail guide but I believe there are at least two more alternate uniforms on the way and a few new hats (I seem to recall more patch hats than what we've seen so far). Some fun throwback stuff is on the way for Oakland. It's also worth noting that the new BP caps are intended to be used as alternate caps and worn during regular season games by a number of teams.
  21. This is a great point, and exactly the one I argued about years back on this site. People weren't able to differentiate between the two ideas. Nostalgia plays a significant role in our perception of good design, which creates for situations like the one we have here.
  22. I suppose my point was more about the concept of success relating to good design and how abstract that is to begin with.
  23. I don't disagree. I just think things are getting a little hypocritical. I used to argue that uniforms are either good or bad based on design alone. Many members of this board argued against me saying success while wearing a uniform was a huge factor in whether it was good or bad. It's a fascinating topic of conversation, actually.
  24. To be fair, the majority of this board is always saying teams should wear uniforms associated with success.