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  1. Enough of the yellow/black Bruins / Pens talk. It's going in circles. There is a team unveiling something new today and nothing has been discussed other than like 3 posts...smh
  2. This is the first time I can think of in the last 15-20 years the fins have worn aqua at home during a day game..unless someone can tell me I'm wrong...
  3. I once knew, but does anyone recall why the hornets original jerseys had a green, blue, light blue, and teal/purple stripes as pinstripes. Did it have to do with the local college teams (UNC, Duke, Wake)? Ive been looking all over and can't seem to find the correct answer.
  4. i HATE how the shoulder/tv numbers are placed so far towards the front of the just looks wrong and incorrect. Just center the damn numbers on the shoulder, i thought Nike was too good to sink to Russell's level, but i guess i was wrong.
  5. i feel these are maybe shooting shirts or something...the cuts on the jerseys don't appear to have the same seams or perforation as the other current sleeved adidas revolution 30 jerseys we have seen (phoenix and golden state). I could be wrong, but I would not put too much into this photo.
  6. after looking at the jags helmet, the biggest problem is clearly the fact that the logo just looks out of place (half being on a black background and half on gold)...if they ditched the logo and then put jaguar spots on the gold portion it would be a much more cohesive look
  7. does anyone have a clear picture of what the stripe on the aqua pants look like?
  8. Its pretty obvious that nike would not put a stripe pattern on the helmet that is not replicated on the pants, especially if the stripe is not tapered or anything. You can tell, like CWX said the stripe pattern on the pants is thin orange, thin dark aqua, thick aqua, thin dark aqua, and thin orange. I would assume this is the same on the helmet...and if you look closely to the Tannehill picture, you can tell this is the case as well. Not to mention the numbers are outlined in a thin orange and thin dark aqua. Again, I highly doubt that there is no orange stripe on the hemet. On another note, I hope that the names on the back of each jersey are orange, or at least in part orange. It would be a nice surprise that would definitely pull the orange back into the whole uniform.
  9. looks like those black helmets are chrome
  10. So...they stole the old, LeBron era Cav's color scheme? Why cant the NBA get some original color combinations out there?
  11. Im going out on a limb here, but i think this may go along the lines of how both Wisco and Nebraska went. Wisconsin and Nebraska this year, Michigan last year all used a block letter in the front of their jersey with a number on the upper left chest. All of them are ADIDAS schools, and all worn on special occasions. I would not be surprised if this was a massive shamrock in them middle of the jersey, or something of the sort, with numbers on the left chest.
  12. Didnt nike say that they were planning a larger scale re-design than just the small changes they made this year to a few teams? I believe nike is just trying to, in a way, phase out some of the mess that reebok created...The collars may look big but they are there for comfort, and at least they arent being tied down by a shoe string or cut or, like ray lewis, not actually exist. By the looks of the college game, nike is by far the best looking uniforms fit wise (whether traditional or not). Their uniforms "fit" the athletes well and dont look like spandex just kinda laying all crooked on shoulder pads or that the pant stripe has a massive bulge in the middle of the leg where it stretches too much. Give nike a year to develop the rest of their "idea" before we start shooting them down.
  13. i really hate what adidas does to ther "techfit" uniforms. they dont look to fit correctly on any player's pads, and the pants look ridiculous without a belt (kinda like glorified yoga pants with pads underneath)
  14. i happen to like these...especially the helmets. they are the scarlet knights. knights wear armor and the helmet represents that really well with the dull chrome color they use (which i could not tell the difference between that and silver until i saw the video on their webpage). if anything, im confused why they have three helmets, just pick 2 or even one.