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  1. Do you really think that we'd ever get the Patriots to shut up about it, had they been able to finish the job? They'd have been a thousand times as annoying as the 72 Dolphins are, if for no other reason than the Dolphins are only relevant until everybody loses a game and then they go away for another year. The Pats would have strutted and preened every single week of every season until the last one retires. And then we'd have to listen to it all over again every time one gets inducted into the Hall of Fame. The 72 Dolphins are by far the lesser of these evils. This man speaks the truth. While still hearing from the 1972 dolphins is kinda annoying, appreciate the fact that you and your kids or grandkids wont have to hear about the perfect 2007 Patriots 50 years from now. It would have been even more annoying because spygate would probably be mentioned everytime the word patriot came out. Personally, that would've made me more mad to hear about the perfect pats and be reminded how they cheated over and over again.
  2. I think the team should stay, even if it might be bad for business. The city has gone through too much and are not deserving to lose their NBA as well. If the hornets go, wouldnt NO be one of the biggest cities with only one pro sports team? Believe it or not, Indiana. I will mention that it was fairly empty when I went to see a game there a couple of weeks ago. I guess that now that they traded away the "scary" African American players, the team isn't that good, and Indianans are too elitist to watch the team regularly. I've also heard the sentiment expressed that folks won't support the Pacers if the players keep making the news for the wrong reasons, which apparently they still do even after the trades. You have just started a brand new topic. We were reading an article in my English class about how teams were 'whitening' their rosters, and the Pacers were a prime example. Needless to say, they still have found ways to get into the news in stories that dont involve basketball.
  3. Kinda surprised they didnt go with a bird theme either. Atlanta Robins would have looked hot with those colors. Hummingbirds was a little to long. On a side note, when i googled list of birds, I found out that a thrasher is an actual bird. I also found out that there is a bird called a boobie as well as a tit.
  4. Thats badass. Your right, I like the new design too. Thanks a bunch.
  5. made adjustments to the colts one by adding highlight. made a pacers one as well to see how the change in text would look whaddaya think
  6. These look awesome Can I get a Bob Sanders plz
  7. Rhode Island Kentucky West Virginia Alaska - I think this one takes it hands down, cant wait to see the design on a real quater Wisconsin is pretty funny to me. Random pictures of cows and cheese FTW. Lol at Wyoming, they cant even get any attention on their state quarter. Seriously, it has almost zero detail compared to the other states.
  8. I saw some pretty good sigs around here, but i personally like making my own. So i messed around for a couple of hours today and made me this colts sig based off an tutorial i did way back when. I wouldnt mind making taking requests for sigs, but i want to know what you guys think about it first. I for one am undecided on whether or not to have a glare on the upper half of the sig. Im also kinda struggling getting the the cross-section between the bar and and the border to match up. Other sigs might look completely different, because i used the font the colts use for everything, and i will probably change with each team. So any opinions/criticism is greatly appreciated.
  9. lmao, really. I will probably watch it to see the commercials, but if the pats take a huge lead or something on that line, i will probably just turn the tv off and avoid turning it back on, or reading any kind of media for 6 months - unless of the course the pacers make it to the finals, but who am i kidding.
  10. I for one will be one of the biggest giants fans evar in the next two weeks. Hailing from Indianapolis, i know just about everyone from here rooted for whatever team the pats faced for the last 18 weeks, and for the last 18 weeks have been disappointed. Now more than ever I want to see the pats go down by the hands of peyton's little brother, so we can at least have family say they took out the pats. If the pats win, it makes this offseason that much more awful and bitter, and make the wait seem like an eternity because of all the talk about the 19-0 team of 'destiny'.
  11. these sigs look pretty awesome. could i request an indiana pacers (navy background), indiana hoosiers (white background), and chicago cubs (blue background). the colts one you made earlier looks pretty good, so i think i will just use that one - unless you want to make another one.