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  1. Updated music, too. A little bit of a technoish flavor to the John Williams song.
  2. Really great idea. Could I get Indianapolis Colts, St. Louis Blues and Washington Wizards please?
  3. There's some debate out there about watching older Nicktoons. I grew up in the Rugrats-Oddparents era. Mid 90's to like 2002. It did include some of the non-cartoon shows like All That, Keenan & Kel, Salute Your Shorts, etc. Nick probably jumped the shark around the time of the Spongebob movie. Then, it started catering less to what they used to and more to the pre-teen pop crap. The logo is pretty bland and the splat will always be associated with Nick. By the way, they have a couple of the mid-late 90's Nicktoons on this website. http://theorangesplat.com/ I didn't really think of Rocko's Modern Life of being one of those shows a little too "mature" for Nick, but it's hilarious to me now. You gotta love the one when he gets the mega-vacuum cleaner.
  4. Those avatars are great. Would it be possible to make Indianapolis Colts, Washington Wizards and St. Louis Blues ones?
  5. These look really good. I would like: Team: Indianapolis Colts Logo: Horseshoe Color: Navy Blue Team: Washington Wizards Logo: Wizard with basketball Color: Navy Blue Team: St. Louis Blues Logo: Music Note Color: Navy Blue I would say to keep all 3 the same color as the Maple Leafs one.
  6. This is awesome. The 2nd one I got is my favorite. A Humiliating Way by 99928 Brainard "We're a sentimental people. We like a few kind words better than millions of dollars given in a humiliating way." --- Off the Cuff by List of Marvel Comics Characters: A Don't wear your heart on your sleeve when your remarks are off the cuff. --- Let the Others Go by animal fat Love the ones you can. Touch the ones you can reach. Let the others go.
  7. These are cool. Take a shot at G'Town and American.
  8. Just wondering, did you get the PM of my school stuff? Just want to confirm that you did. If not, I'll send it again.
  9. These are great. I'll throw in 3 requests for my sigs. Boston Red Sox - Main logo (ball with socks and script), Boston, MA, 1901, backdrop of Fenway ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/darrins/223208369/ ) UConn Huskies - Husky head logo, Storrs, CT, 1881, Jonathan the Husky statue ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/ranzino/110328738/ ) Also, I have a request for my school, but I would like to keep the stuff private, so PM me and I'll send you my request for that when you are ready.
  10. Big disappointment. We've been shopping at Shaw's and a local grocery store that is part of the Independent Grocers Alliances IGA, for you non-grocery store junkies. Now, this is the nail in the coffin. Way to look like a German produce stand, Stop and Shop. I am done defending them when non-New Englanders call it "Shop and Stop." In fact, I may join them. You are dead to me, Shop and Stop.
  11. I'll throw in a request too, please. Could I get one of the multi-team sigs with: UConn Huskies - The Block C logo on blue background Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Just like Korbyn's Hartford Whalers - This logo on blue background Liverpool FC - The shield on a red background Connecticut - The seal of CT on a blue background Boston Red Sox - This logo on a red background
  12. NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers MLB - Boston Red Sox NHL - Hartford Whalers (they still count) NBA - Charlotte Bobcats (pretty much because of Okafor) NCAA - UConn Huskies MLS - Come back when you are like a normal soccer league and not minor league BS. EPL - Liverpool FC CFL- Hamilton Tiger Cats (geographically closest (I don't like Montreal, so they don't count ) and Terry Caulley plays for them)
  13. This March, I could have bought Madden 2008 for 85 pesoes, or about $8.50 in Guanajuato. Even if it was a bootleg copy and had glitches, it would be worth the risk, since it's 50 bucks up here. As for soccer jerseys, I saw half the EPL teams, some La Ligas and a ton of Primera Division jerseys. Chivas is so huge in Guadalajara, it's not even funny. Only international team I saw was Mexico. However, through all my desperate searching, I couldn't find a damn Liverpool jersey. However, I was able to buy a wool Buccaneers poncho for 30 bucks in Puerto Vallarta. Don't know when I'll wear it, but hey, it's awesome and there is no Bucs stuff up here in CT.
  14. Now it's my turn. And, just to springboard off of the MLB 2028 idea, NBA 2040! OK City moves back to Seattle. Sacramento moves to Las Vegas. Clippers move back to San Diego. Atlanta moves back to St. Louis. Orlando moves to Paris. Memphis moves to Seoul. London and Mexico City get expansion teams. Beijing, Shanghai, Melbourne and Tokyo are "promoted" from existing Asian leagues. Moscow, Barcelona and Rome are promoted from Eurobasket. Iran invades Montana, thinking Miley Cyrus has stolen blue prints for their nuclear missiles. Seriously, the first idea can actually work since each division has only 1 time zone difference at the most. It also puts value to some rivalries. Also, it has no teams moving conferences, creating some stability. Unfortunately, Minnesota is to the NBA West what South Florida is to the Big East.
  15. Awesome concept. These all are very good, with the Brewers leading the way. I really like how this is actually looking like stuff that could be in 20 years and not using a "future" mask to hide behind creating uniforms that have no way of being used. Someone just brought up realignment, and with your new 32 team league, I think baseball could copy the NFL and do a 4-4-4-4 set-up. AL East Boston Cleveland New York Toronto AL North Chicago Detroit Milwaukee Minnesota AL South Baltimore Kansas City Texas Tampa Bay AL West Los Angeles Angels Oakland Portland Seattle NL East New York Philadelphia Pittsburgh Washington NL North Chicago Cincinnati Colorado St. Louis NL South Atlanta Charlotte Houston Miami NL West Arizona Los Angeles San Diego San Francisco However, baseball doesn't like realignment at all, so your idea seems more practical. Either way, keep up the good work!