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  1. "...and almost a 'V' for Vancouver with the stick!"
  2. I miss the days when the Golden Bears wore the same multi-stripe socks with both the home and away sweaters.
  3. Wow! That’s a unique form of hospital billing... Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.
  4. The collars with the laces are the worst! The laces need to be above the NHL logo...
  5. It could be a logo and brand for a new chain of sporting goods stores...
  6. A huge mess...templates everywhere! I wouldn't mind the Lions jerseys (home and away) so much if the nameplates didn't extend out to the colours on the shoulders. Shorter surnames are ok, but the longer ones really throw things off.
  7. If you like singles, check out the BC vs. HAM game...Lions are leading 5 - 2!
  8. Not to put too fine a point on it, but BC looks like crap. SK is an improvement on their previous set...slightly.
  9. I wonder if, given today's post in the 2015 CFL Uniforms thread about Saskatchewan's new logo, it is time to post up the 2016 CFL Uniforms thread?
  10. Here is the logo for Tourism Nanaimo (Nanaimo Economic Development uses the same logo). From the February 2013 press release announcing the new logo: The logo was designed with six symbols which represent the inclusivity, economic opportunity and the diversity of our community.The symbols include;Leaf - represents clean technology, eco-tourism, the environment, growth and Aboriginal heritageHome - represents residential, community, hospitality, and lifestyle;Star - represents arts, culture and sport tourismSquare - represents industry, investment, and retail;Diamond/Grad Hat - represents education and a skilled workforceSail – represents marine activity, harbour, nearby Islands
  11. I bought my first Leafs jersey at Doug Laurie Sporting Goods!