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  1. Anywhere you would recommend looking for legitimate game worn/team issued gear?
  2. Slightly unrelated. What're the thoughts on the NBA Jerseys Nike vs Fanatics? Didn't know if that warranted a new thread
  3. Well this is probably one of the more odd requests looking for an Andrew Bynum Pacers and Cavs Shirt. Found a Pacers... a little more than I want to pay but I'll make that the last installment of my collection. The Cavs is harder to find for me at least.
  4. Been watching some Manning jerseys on ebay. I can spot the RBK fakes a lot better than the Nikes. Thinking this is fake but can you guys let me know what about it looks bad? Trying to get a deal, and pick up on the errors the counterfeiters make. Realize I'm not getting one for $20 but Hoping I can swing one for a somewhat significant discount.
  5. Went to Foreman Mills today and picked up these three jerseys. Also had a Melo, Bosh, LeBron, Iverson and a few other traded/signed elsewhere players.
  6. Lifelong (literally) Army season ticket holder and I must say I'm pretty jealous
  7. UMass showing a new uniform combo with the all maroon. First time wearing these jerseys since media day
  8. Anyone see that Titus Young has "Young Sr." on the back of his jersey?
  9. Wasn't sure what thread this belonged in. Was killing time at a local mall while my computer got fixed, and came across an Andrew Luck Reebok jersey in Burlington Coat Factory. Thought you guys would find this interesting
  10. I've left the stickers (used to be price stickers or whatever "officially licensed" sticker/hologram) on hats ever since I can remember. I didn't get into 5950s until 2007 or so, but all the Franchise type hats I've worn since middle school, I left the sticker on. Not to get all hipster about things, but it's just something I've always done. Not following a trend. And when the sticker falls off, as you can see in a few of the more worn ones, it just stays off. I don't care what other people wear - snapbacks, fitted, sticker, no sticker, whatever. I just wish the snapback fad would go away because there are a lot of cool hats I'd like to have that I can only find in snapback. That's the only reason I where snapbacks.... They are better than velcro backs though haha
  11. Assuming he does not go back someday, I am sure this will look very wrong in a few years
  12. On a somewhat related note will Mitchell and Ness still produce jerseys? I think I remember that they are a part of Reebok/Adidas
  13. Agreed. I loved these. Still hoping to find one (a real one) for a somewhat cheap price. Saw a used Durant in my size on ebay a while back, very much regret not buying it