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  1. Thanks! But most, if not all, the credit for keeping this place running so smoothly goes to the mods and other admins, especially over the past 2-3 years. And of course the great forum members too.
  2. I just killed off the chat room, it wasn't being used all that much and was causing all sorts of errors... my inbox was getting tired of it:
  3. Anonymous likes is not intentional, the setting I have chosen is supposed to show who liked your post
  4. It re-tallied post counts as part of the upgrade, so any posts/threads that were since deleted for whatever reason would have been knocked out of your tally.
  5. We are definitely considering it, I spent most of last night focusing on the skin/template side of the site and to get the ads running (this place ain't cheap!), haven't really dived into the more advanced settings yet.
  6. It was exactly what I was saying, the updates weren't done yet. Still not entirely done.
  7. As was stated numerous times throughout, it's not 100% complete, please wait for this to be complete before the commencement of pointing out problems
  8. Some liked it, most hated it... Not one of those things we're able to compromise on
  9. We'll probably look into this too, for now the join date appears if you hover over their avatar
  10. Not quite, the "rebuilding posts" process will take much longer than anything else... should be fairly speedy once it's completed. Up to 18.5% now.
  11. Let's wait until the upgrade is complete before judging the changes, there's still a long way to go
  12. The update is still not 100% complete, there's skin updates and other minor things that need to be implemented. In the meantime enjoy CCSLC Lite.
  13. We upgraded in July 2015, the last major upgrade (which this would fall under) was in 2013 Unlike the main site I have nothing to do with the coding side of things on the forum, it's basically whatever features the people at Invision Power decide they want to include. So, unfortunately at this time I do not know the answer to either question, I'm hoping it's yes to both, I'm looking forward to playing around with the new features.
  14. Username is what you use when logging in to the boards, it's what you type in the field before you enter your password. Display Name is what appears on the forum as your name next to your posts. Once this upgrade happens you will use your Display Name to log in to your account. If you have always used your Display Name to log in then this doesn't apply to you.
  15. The upgrade will begin at noon ET tomorrow (Tues Jan 19). Expecting downtime to last a couple of hours.
  16. One big change will be to your username if you're one of those who have a different display name... moving forward they will be merged, your display name will remain the same and will be used as your new username. As for avatars, I see no reason why that wouldn't carry over. The friends lists are all being scrapped, they'll be replaced with a follower system, you can follow a user and see whenever they post something new. Similar to Twitter, I suppose. The upgrade is supposed to get underway any time now, I've been told it'll be happening tonight.
  17. The boards will be down for several hours sometime in the next 24 hours for the latest, greatest upgrade to the forum software. Gave it a spin, looks pretty good! Especially on mobile and tablet. If I find out a definite time I will update this thread. Sorry for any inconvenience
  18. It won't happen this season. The Pirate fest is over and no new jerseys were unveiled. That's when they would have unveiled a new alternate. Maybe in 2017 they will. The SportsLogos.net Twitter confirmed earlier today that the Pirates will have a new alternate for 2016. Okay. Thanks for your info on that. Have you heard anything about the Rays getting new uniforms for 2016 as well? I think we would've heard something already if the Rays were changing anything. Another year of their bland unis unfortunately. (I'd guess you won't see new ones until a new stadium) Nothings fixed in stone yet. The Rays might surprise us with a last minute rebrand. You never know. Yes, everything is set in stone, a "surprise last minute rebrand" in Major League Baseball for 2016 would have been decided and finalized several months ago.
  19. I presume it's just an extension of the "We The North" thing, rep Canada not just Toronto. Would be nice if a Toronto team could just rep Toronto, but it is what it is.
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