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  1. That's pretty close, i know the logo on the side of the shorts was completely within the stripes -- striping is much wider on the shorts. I'm also pretty sure the side striping was just one colour (i.e. no trim colour), I believe it's red on the white, black on the red... can't recall the other two but would probably be red on black and gold on drake.
  2. I finally was able to get a look at the actual Raptors uniforms recently. Here's what I can confirm, just from memory - four uniforms - white home, red road, black alternate, black/gold "drake" alternate - all four uniforms follow the exact same template, just the colours are changed around - all four jerseys say "RAPTORS" across the front, none say "TORONTO" - the jersey wordmarks leaked earlier are legit, that very basic block font - number font is nothing I've seen used before (you really see it in the number "4") but still "blockish" in general - the ball/claw logo is on the side of the shorts - the trim on the side of the jerseys are broken up by two horizontal stripes close to the armpits, a nod to their current jersey design What I'm still unsure about: - while my source told me there is a small logo under the numbers, the versions I saw did not have this logo I'll try and get some mockups put together, probably for an article on the site
  3. Sure, if I had no plans for the rest of my life It's on the MLB Uniform tracker, find it there if you need the graphic in the meantime I'd love to have them up there too!
  4. There's only 8000 people in your town of Doylestown, Pennsylvania -- i'm sure not many of them sell counterfeit jerseys with a lawyer father.
  5. True story, my dad, grandfather, brother and I are at a Miami sports store in January of 1999, dad points to a Matadors jersey and asks if I want it - I say no. Why did I say no? I was too embarrassed to admit I wanted some "weird team" merchandise in front of a bunch of relatives. One of those instant regret moments *sigh*
  6. Fun isn't it? I broke the story about the Toronto MLS team going with the name "Inter Toronto FC", which was picked up by the Toronto Star and Toronto Sun -- the backlash removed the "Inter" part of the name and today fans cheer on Toronto FC Toronto Star - April 7, 2006 MLSE mulls Inter nickname According to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment applied for the trademark on the names Inter Toronto FC, Toronto FC and Toronto Northmen FC March 15. The only name that the MLS has sought a U.S. trademark for is Inter Toronto FC, according to the website www.sportslogos.net. Inter Milan is a famous club in Italy's Serie A, and it could be that MLSE is hoping to capitalize on that name with Toronto's Italian community by naming the team Inter Toronto FC.
  7. Finally, sportslogos.net is on Twitter... you can follow us for the latest news in regards to logos, uniforms and anything relevant to the site Sportslogosnet on Twitter
  8. FAQ has been updated to reflect the new user/new topic confusion
  9. Was that after he two-handed and broke Yanic Perreault's arm for absolutely no reason? That may have been during the regular season
  10. And the boss busts my chops for discussing my hatred of the Wings. -Dan Damn right
  11. LaFontaine on the Isles is not the wrong uniform... LaFontaine on the Rangers would be
  12. AFAIK, once you play for one country you cannot play for another.
  13. I always thought this one was even weirder. Pedro won a Cy Young with the Expos and spent several seasons there, I wouldn't consider that a "wrong" uniform for him
  14. They did at one point have the 96 wild card winner banner on the outfield wall but have since removed it.... the last time I remember it there was in 2003 How many other teams have (or have had) a wild card "champion" banner? I believe the red sox did in 03 but quickly took that down. And I seem to remember the Orioles had one for the 96 wild card team... the mets put up pennants for wild card and nlds victories.... the jays have a pennant for hosting the all-star game
  15. Same old championship banner design... Excellent
  16. He is currently listed as #28 on the Dodgers website
  17. Photos from my albums Washington Capitals Washington Bullets Tampa Bay Lightning Oshawa Generals
  18. The Expos never wore an alternate jersey... do they count? Didn't they have a blue alternate top they wore in the latter years? Only the B.P. jersey, which they did wear at least once in a game but was never designated as an alternate jersey.
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