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  2. "Replicas" of 1933, including brown helmets that are supposed to look like leather.
  3. The home batting helmets do have the white front panel to match the caps.
  4. Agreed. I am waiting for a fashion cap to come out so I can pick one up Do you mean like this?
  5. Both of the new Orioles caps, which came in the mail today, were made in the USA.
  6. To those who don't like the gap on the road grays between "Bal" and the rest of the name, take a look at the gap between "Ori" and the rest of that word.
  7. To be fair, they didn't wear the softball uniforms with the short pants that year,they wore these..
  8. Isn't it one bird on two different caps or am I missing your point?I'm reading a lot of complaints about the O's going with the old school bird, but the funny thing is I don't remember seeing any about the Blue Jays upcoming change. Things that make you go hmmm
  9. Remind us what championships did the White Sox win in those so-called uniforms.
  10. An alternate with black lettering?
  11. Waiting for those Orioles caps....
  12. This will be released on Nov.15 per Birdlandinsider on twitter.