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  1. This is what they SHOULD have went with. I just watched the live event on the Flyers site and the collar is flip flopped black/orange and not orange/black. Yeah, it's somewhat minor, but for ****ing consistency's sake, they should have made the first half of the collar the color of the sleeve stripes (like on the orange version) and then black. 9/10 because of the head hole **** up. I'll still buy one. I'm fine with the collar...that is how it was on the original Flyers jerseys....However, I see no point to the black name plate.
  2. Hmmmm...what's up with the Ref's shirt? Wasn't this stripe pattern used in the All Star game only?
  3. Mel Bridgman 1979-80 wearing the orange "C". they only used this style for two seasons....78-79, and 79-80 Dorny sporting the black "C" 1973-74
  4. I edited my post and included the front of the jersey...does that help? From what I recall from the image that was NHLUniforms.com, the front was "horizontal", but the back was angled up to the neckline. It's very possible that your jersey is the one I'm thinking of, because my only real frame of reference is a relatively small computer image - the real thing may have been less dramatically angled. Either way, the sleeves on yours clearly don't connect in the back, and terminate at the neckline, which is the main point I was trying to make, so I'd guess that yours is it. I just found a site that has old hockey cards sorted by team / year, and looked up all of the Flyers early '80s cards. I'm now inclined to admit that the jersey I'm thinking of never actually existed, and that I'm hallucinating when I think that I saw it. I'm not sure where your jersey is from, but I cannot find any visual evidence that it was ever worn, so I'm going to have to defer to the nhluniforms.com site and say it's accurate. Check out byronshockeyland.com Game worn jerseys and equipment. Milton Byron has been around a long time The Marsh jersey is pictured there along with a Dvorak jersey from 82-83. Both feature the sleeve stripe in question. There's also a Behn Wilson from the same season with the wider stripe.
  5. I edited my post and included the front of the jersey...does that help?
  6. BBTV..do mean this? If so, IIRC this (Sandow SK) was the first version in 82-83. Later in the season when they switched manufaturers to HSI the sleeve stripe was widened across the back. Here's the front...does this help?
  7. Flyers Concept: I had read somewhere the designer of the ?original? uniform wanted the Flyers to appear to have wings. I kept that in mind for this design and tried to capture a look for the jersey which would have a Flyers feel while updating the design. Traditional elements I tried to keep: the stripe from the collar to the cuff, the black cuff, and horizontal stripe at the hem For the socks, I took inspiration from the socks the team wore during the 1983-84 preseason. C&C please
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    Caps Concept

    Its been a while since I posted....C&C Please
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    MLB 2009

    Agreed, and lose the sleeve numbers as well...too much like the White Sox in the 70's The white outline around the script is fine as they've always had it, and IMHO it looks clean, especially on the pinstripes
  10. I wonder who manufactures the jersey? What they need to do is make Reebok larger, then it would be perfect. LOL
  11. The baseball stitching in the logo was eliminated starting in 1975 when zippers were introduced along with NOB. It then returned in 1988, along with buttons...the last year of the powder blue road jersey. Not sure about the pinstripe color though, I think it may have had to do with when they switched from Wilson to Rawlings jerseys, again, not sure.
  12. To see an amazing selection of game worns for sale, check out Ed Dolan's website....It also makes great reference Click, or CP Ed Dolan: http://www.eddolan.com/index.htm
  13. When the Flyers transitioned from Cooperalls back to socks they sported these during the 1983-84 preseason before settling on a more traditional (at the time) look. I really like this look and was sorry they didn't go with it. Also, I remember the Flyers testing out pants in practice which had a white outlined orange stripe that broadened as it reached the hem. If anyone has pics of those I would really like to see 'em. For a look at the home version check out the video... Click Here For Video: Bobby Clarke in Road version...
  14. Was that from the carnival? Apparently no. There was some kind of "town meeting" and someone in attendance snapped a pic of this. What I think looks cool is the sleeve number overlaps from the white stripe onto the orange like the 70's pictured at the top of the page. I hope they do a two color collar like the 70's as well
  15. During that period I also believe the Flyers were wearing Nike Jerseys- Not sure if it matters, but I thought I'd throw that in just in case you're a stickler for detail.