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  1. Just off the top of my head... Before Tom Benson took over the ownership of the team, there was extensive flirtation with moving the team to Jacksonville. And I don't know if you were called it a "failed" relocation considering the circumstances, but there was the possibility of the Saints simply staying in San Antonio after Hurricane Katrina. For the Spurs, before moving into the Alamodome and in that awfully dark post-Gervin/pre-Robinson period, the Spurs were potentially moving to either Minnesota or New Orleans. Speaking of San Antonio, Red McCombs also did a prolonged song-and-dance with the Vikings potentially moving to the Alamo City, even doing preseason games to "gauge interest". And back to Minnesota, there was an effort to move the Minnesota Timberwolves to New Orleans in 1994, just four years into their debut, with the names New Orleans Rhythm and New Orleans Angels being thrown around. However, the bid was rejected due to questions about where Top Rank, the investment group that sought to move the team, was actually getting their money. Also for the Sacramento Kings, remember the Maloof Brothers were eyeballing Las Vegas and even Virginia Beach. There's of course the now legendary overnight move committed by the Colts moving from Baltimore to Indianapolis, but remember that if it wasn't for Jim Irsay Sr. being a belligerent drunk, the Colts had an initial deal with Phoenix but the city backed out due to the perceived backlash. There's the infamous move by the Seattle Seahawks in 1996 where they announced they were moving to Los Angeles (well, Anaheim specifically)...before actually informing the league about it. If I recall, they were even drawing up a new identity. And I think just about any MLB team in the seventies and eighties used Tampa Bay as a threat, with I believe the Giants going as far as actually making caps with "TB" on it.
  2. So if they're blatantly and transparently capitalizing on anger over the anthem protests, I take it they're going to go for more conservative big cities right? Jesus Christ, there's going to be a team like the "Cleveland Grit" or the "Birmingham Bootstraps" isn't there?
  3. They'll be lucky if a third of the ticketholders are even Raiders fans; at least half are going to be vagabond tourist fans from LA, San Diego, and Phoenix or any of the cities that can fly to Vegas on the cheap.
  4. A Jewish superhero who may in fact be out of his damn mind? I LOVE IT.
  5. I'd only say if there's a city/market where it's actually appropriate, it would be Toronto since it has one of the biggest Chinese communities in North America.
  6. Seems the similarities won't stop there since if the Clippers move out of Staples Center and head to the Westside, you'd have a scenario where the "Los Angeles" teams (Lakers, LAFC) would be playing at or near Downtown LA while the "L.A." teams (Galaxy, Clippers) would simply be playing in the LA area.
  7. To be fair, he is the first professional athlete to complete the Dick Move Hat Trick (being a dick, hitting a dick, and showing his dick). Quite an accomplishment!
  8. Not only that, but due to the terms of the lease, they're actually technically third fiddle to the Kings. I just have no earthly idea where they could put the damn thing. It would be a good angle for the LA2024 bid since having a basketball arena in Westwood or Santa Monica would be a good compliment to the Olympic Village at UCLA. Not to mention it could be built in relation to the Purple Line.
  9. Would love to see the Titans do this type of get-up.
  10. Someone brought up a fun point though: that with the red line, it'd be hilarious and very San Antonian if the sponsor for the jersey turns out to be Big Red. Frankly, Big Red FC would be a fun name. Apparently though, the five stripes represent the five military branches in the city, which is a cool touch.
  11. Nice touch with the gray line around the banner being a subliminal "S" at least.
  12. Oh yeah, I didn't even connect with that. Apple and Google are both apparently bidding hard for the rights so I imagine having a Super Bowl in Silicon Valley is the perfect time to make the best impression. I'd imagine Google would use the NFL games as an exclusive for their YouTube Red service though.
  13. Curious sidenote: it seems the NFL is still negotiating with digital partners for additional games, similar to Yahoo but not with a tire fire of a service.
  14. Which is silly because it's actually not that old at all; the logo was introduced in 2008! The old one used to be this:
  15. Saw this from a colleague of mine; it seems like UTSA is prepping up an upgraded logo.
  16. The media room laughed during his postgame interview, but if a referee is openly telling players he needs more seasoning before personal fouls are called, then Ed Hochuli can get bent. Hochuli could always get bent, by the way. I wonder what the referees told the 32-year-old Cutler when his helmet-to-helmet wasn't called last week. Well, Cutler probably doesn't recall anything said for a few minutes...
  17. Probably not, because that's dumber than the NHL and yeah the NFL's not that stupid. Do not underestimate Goodell on this...he might push hard on it as a "legacy" accomplishment before he resigns.
  18. Curious that it looks almost exactly like the failed Farmer's Field project that would've been a mile up the road...
  19. If I recall, I think that the original realignment idea was that Buffalo was going to be in the North and Baltimore was going to be in the East but Buffalo made a huge stink about maintaining its rivalry with the Patriots and the Dolphins.
  20. Well, future Super Bowl AMIRITE ST. LOUIS??? Just $500 million in public funds to help a guy married to a Walton!
  21. So with St. Louis demolishing Oakland, the winner gains the right to move to Los Angeles, right?
  22. One would hope but at this point it'd be unlikely to even get 8-8. All the Saints have to do to get the division is beat the rest of their division (and fortunately two of those are at home). But 7-9 sounds right if only because I want the possible anomaly of a 7-9 Saints team going against a #5 seed Seahawks. IT HAS TO HAPPEN.
  23. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/11838270/oakland-raiders-meet-san-antonio-officials-discuss-potential-move NOT LISTENING ((I'm trying to ignore this so the likelihood of it happening increases even though I feel this is maybe a 10% chance of happening)). I think the only reason this is picking up steam is because, with the current state of the Raiders franchise, they would be second fiddle to a secondary team like the Rams, especially if they move to the Inglewood location and pick up the inner-city fanbase. By moving to Texas, they'd still have a lot of football money coming in and a city that would be a lot more down for renovating the Alamodome (since it would definitely bring back the Final Four and put us into consideration for the National Championship or even the Super Bowl). Again, <10% chance here. I DO like the name though.
  24. *insert obligatory comment on how Southern California is the Dark Side* It's funny you brought him up...Los Angeles AND San Francisco just lost out on this giant Film Production Museum he wanted to build and now they're going to put it in Chicago, of all places. It was going to be filled with pre-production memoribilia, concept art, set pieces, props, the works. But somehow the city couldn't agree on a proper site (they even considered building it with the California Sciene Museum that's next to USC) and Chicago was able to swoop in and steal the museum right under Cali's nose.
  25. I'm amazed Fox News hasn't had an aneurysm over not doing the salute...although that does get into the weird juxtaposition territory of using a military gesture in a professional sport.
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