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  1. It's a cool idea. With the colors and uniform sleeves and bottom, it resembles the Sharks jeseys, but it's not identical to them. I like the colors, they go well together. I know how hard it is to make a logo (I've tried many times) But i think if i could change one thing i would make the logo an angery face shot, and i think that a rhino is a great animal to convey "Rampage". Good job.
  2. Good stuff. I think thats a really nice nemplate too, it's smooth.
  3. Yea, i am not digging those at all.
  4. Well i live in southern Califorina, and i think that if the Colts or chargers were to move, that they should keep the names. I think that its a shame when teams move and change there names, in one instant you lose years of history. But i supose if the new name and uniforms for the team were better then it would be a little easier to deal with.
  5. I think the jags should only wear black pants with the teal jersey. i like the way that combo looks. black on black is kinda lame.
  6. anything is gonna be better than there real 3rd. They shoud have at least put the "ATLANTA" on bolth sleeves, wow they really droped the ball on that one. But i think yours is an example of what they should have done.
  7. I think it's pretty stupid to pick people out of a group for just not knowing better. I dont buy into mod mentality, and i dont buy into peer preasure. If you want to tell someone that they've done somthing that "Offends" you, tell them in a calm way, dont wave your time on the board like it makes you better.
  8. it is dumb to think that zimmer was right. If you do, then you need to look at the situation again, I am not going to say that pedro was completly innocent, but zimmer was being a jack-ass
  9. I didnt think that there Navy jerseys were that bad, and i dont think these are that bad either.
  10. Sorry, i didnt see the other threads, my bad.
  11. i have to say when i looked up at the screen when that game was on, the yellow uni's took me by suprise, i forgot for a second that they were going to wear those this season. I have to say, the all yellow doesn't look that great. They should have gone with a different color. I just dont know if they will stick.
  12. I do think that the name should change, and i think warriors would be a good name to change to.
  13. I think that the name warlocks wouldn't pass in our "PC" society. And The actual warlock logo is kinda hard to see. But i do like those colors. A quick idea, instead of having to shoulder stripes go all the way down have them end at the arm-pit. And maybe flip the dark red and the regular red around. Good design, good job!
  14. Yea i saw it too, i couldnt figure out why though.
  15. It's solid. I like the black, it adds a little bit more, that the current uni's are lacking.
  16. On this logo, the color yellow stands out a little more. and the teal is toned down a little. Maybe it means that the teal is going to be a side color, and the yellow will be a primary color.
  17. I love the originalty, good stuff all around. I like how you put J.Vorhees, as if there was another Vorhees
  18. I couldn't understand a word he said, but that's ozzy for you
  19. He broke his leg in the Ravens pre-season game. Some may say "Why did Dan Reves take that chance?" others may say "At this stage you have to see what he can do". What do you guys think.
  20. He broke his leg in the Ravens pre-season game. Some may say "Why did Dan Reves take that chance?" others may say "At this stage you have to see what he can do". What do you guys think.
  21. Hbomb90

    Mlb fans

    In last years world series, every one at edison feild cheered for J.T Snow, because when he was an Angel, he was well liked and represented the team well.