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  1. Does anyone know where I can find the Uniform History database template as a vector file? The link in the templates thread is broken.
  2. Last season the Staten Island Yankees started using a new logo check it out below
  3. I would have to say my favorites are: 10. Staten Island Yankees - 2008 Redesign (Interlocking SI w Hat and Bat) and "SINY" Sleeve Patch 09. Corpus Christi Hooks 08. Round Rock Express 07. Casper Ghosts 06. Lancaster Jethawks 05. Charolette Stone Crabs 04. Dayton Dragons 03. Brooklyn Cyclones 02. Mudville Nine 01. Las Vegas 51s
  4. That is exactly my problem with the Yankee$...that one team, by virtue of geographic accident, is allowed to have significantly more revenue than any other team. If you're in a sports league, revenues should be thrown into a collective pot, and allocated evenly. Last I looked, they're not playing exhibition games all season long. In order to have a conpetition, you have to have an opponent. Why should that opponent have one (financial) arm tied behind its back? And you can talk about the Rays success all you want. IMO, it means nothing if it cannot be sustained. They haven't yet proven they can. Creating a team in a city is not a geographic accident. It wasn't like they put the names in a hat and picked randomly what city had a team. With said your theory of geographic accident is flawed. You have admitted that your problem with the Yankees is that they reinvest their money into the team. So would you be so against a medcine company reinvesting their money into making new medicine or a electronics company into making new electronics. The answer would be no. So you are saying you are against capitalistic business system. That is what the Yankees really represent the American Capitalist system. The only reason owners are balking at the Yankees this year is that they are not going to be paying the luxury tax because of the new stadium. So they won't get the few million for doing nothing. That and for the most part the Yankees made good investments in free agents and not just sign old past their prime players but two players that are in their prime and one veteran who can help solitify the rotation.
  5. Interesting idea. I don't like how their numbers are on their uniforms now. I think if they just had a gold outline it would look better.
  6. It's likely because of the way the Yankees have spent this offseason. They have basically thrown enormous amounts of money at any free agent that has put up a good performance in the past without any regard for potential future problems. They overpaid for these guys too just because they can. The Red Sox definitely overspend and can afford to too. JD Drew, Julio Lugo, and Edgar Renteria immediately come to mind as players that they have overpaid for or have eaten the contracts of. The Red Sox are smart with their farm systems and make some very smart free agent moves too. Forgive me if I'm coming off biased. I am. There's nothing I can do about it sometimes. Back to BP talk: I hope the Red Sox switch to navy BP uniforms for home and road with the hanging sox logo on the breast and navy hats too. It probably won't happen. I hope the Yankees switch to navy uniforms with the yankees script from the logo on them. That probably won't happen either. The hanging sox should be used on a uniform, I think it would look good. I agree the Yankees should use the Yankees script on their BPs. It fits and looks good, the Staten Island Yankees used it for many years.
  7. Like most of you I was kind of dissapointed with the recent rebranding of the Bisons. So I decided to do a Bisons concept of my own.
  8. I agree, though I do think their recent redesign is fantastic. Their Home and Road uniforms are among my favorite.
  9. It is because everyone turns a blind eye to it. Besides I think the Yankees spending is a good thing. How many other teams can say they cause sellouts for the teams they visit on the road.
  10. The Mets Pinstripes are Royal Blue The Yankees Pinstripes are Midnight Navy The Mets Pinstripes are printed on their uniforms The Yankees Pinstripes are lasered into the fabric The Mets Pinstripes are used on an inset style jersey The Yankees Pinstripes are ragulan style --------------------------- The Mets need to get rid of the all black uniforms. I know this year there will be only one but it is time for that to go. Keep the white home alternate and create a royal blue alternate. The is one on MLB.com that I believe would be perfect. I don't mind the black shadow as long as they minimize it abit.
  11. What is your problem with the Yankees? That they have the money to spend and reinvest in their team so they decide to do so. So what that they spend the money, the only reason other owners are starting to complain because they wont be getting the revenue sharing from the Yankees this season because of the new stadium. If the past eight years have proven anything it is that the Yankees spending money doesn't mean they will dominate every season. Yankees play in the biggest market in the world so its logical for them to have more money to spend. Think of the other results of the Yankees spending - more tax revenue for the city, more wins=playoffs and more money for bars, businesses and the city. The stadium financing deal allows the city to make money off the stadium the same way a bank would make money off financing a car. Not to mention the rent payments to the city each year by the Yankees to use the land. If you want to say about high ticket prices then you have somewhat of a point but keep in mind Boston has higher ticket prices then the Yankees and have the second highest payroll. Personally I like the Yankees home jerseys they are perfect the way they are. The only thing I might change is to match up the NY on the chest and cap. I do think they need an alternate jersey, maybe a blue one with a little bit of red mixed in. As for the road shirts keep the white on the lettering and numbers and had a white/blue sleeve piping instead of the trimming. A new alternate logo would be great too, something similar to what they got in SI and SWB with the hat and bat.
  12. I thought it was a pretty funny and clever idea on there part. Trust me they don't need any gimmicks or giveaways to sell out their ballpark everynight. They have been one of if not the most popular teams since they were created. It would be interesting to see how they do with the promotion if there is a big loss or not. I doubt there will be because their ticket base is pretty damn strong (so strong that they had to had a few thousand more seats a week before the first pitch was ever thrown).
  13. I was on MiLB.com today and came across this on the Bison's website. http://buffalobisons.milbstore.com/store.c...4980A52D817A9E1 I wish they would have used that script instead of the one thats in the logo. Also, its official with the next few years every minor league team will have their official website with MLBAM. Probably sooner or later.
  14. Here is that edit I mentioned in my previous post. Any and all comments are helpful I wish to use as least amount of colors possible while making a professional quality design. This is the most ambicious project I have taken to date in Illustrator.