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    Photography, hockey, football
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    Hartford Whalers

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I am a designer, developer, photographer, writer, Montanan, hockey fan, Broncomaniac & all-around nice guy. I am lead ?pitchengineer? at PitchEngine. You can follow me on Twitter: @ds.

Born & raised in the Billings, Montana, I live there with my wife, Amy, two cats & yellow Labrador named Kenai. Places special to me include Bozeman & Red Lodge (Montana), Portland (Oregon) & the Kenai Penninsula (Alaska.)

I bat left, throw right & run slowly. I adore Pixar movies & maintain a collection of related toys. I believe strongly that Star Wars movies should be watched in the order they were released, and anyone telling you otherwise has been corrupted by the Dark Side. I quote often from Ferris Bueller?s Day Off, the Princess Bride, Office Space, Family Guy & the Simpsons. I listen to Nine Inch Nails in heavy doses, my favorite Beatle is John, and I recite old school hip-hop lyrics while I drive. I am an unapologetic Apple fanboy. My ringtone of choice is the Super Mario Bros. theme.

With a background in marketing, print design and computer science, the I fell in love with the web from the moment I downloaded a copy of Mosaic. I became a standards zealot after reading Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman and never looked back.

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