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  1. How about this guy you don't see many team with this one (problebly because it's colors) lol Flamingo
  2. Looks like you got your wish Georges... Als Retro there you go there even a video and they used it against your Riders http://www.rds.ca/alouettes/
  3. there isnt one (that i made anyway) if youre using illustrator, i use fisheye and the rotate tools. if youre using photoshop, i guess youd just corner pin it with free transform and then add some other distort effects until it looks right. fd Thank for you reply davidson. when i use photoshop i had a layer and put my logo in it, i see it on the helmet but i'm unable to rotate or resize it to fit. since i'm not very familiar with photoshop i don't really know what to do. i'm more of a paint.net person. thanks again for your help
  4. Hi again i didn't found the tutorial for placing the logo if it's simple can someone just tell me how to do it? thnaks in advance
  5. Simply Wow i like the Logo and the colors i would love to create a team with this logo on NCAA 2010 teambuilder
  6. ok thanks i'll start searching that other threat
  7. Voila the final Logo of the canada west conference University of Victoria / Vikes University of Winnipeg / Wesmen Simon Fraser University / Clan (i only found the clan one didn't found the new SFU well with a good quality) Thompson Rivers University / Wolfpack Trinity Western University Voila Next the team with new logo or missing team from the Ontario conference so i won't put them all but if someone what's feel free.
  8. Anyone able to give a hand on how to add a logo or knows is there is a tutorial?? thanks in advance
  9. no don't worry i didn't forget them just need some free times
  10. Here some more from canada west university members University of Manitoba / bisons but i saw a newer one on their site but to small + i had to recolor this one since it's was in bad shape University of Lethbridge / Pronghorns University of Regina / Cougars/Rams football team only University of British-Colombia / Thunderbirds Football Helmet head logo University of Saskatchewan / Huskies and here the logo (who is not yet part of the CIS) University of British-Colombia Okanagan / Heat
  11. Nope but the UBC is comming but didn't found the stingers football helmet script logo and i didn't do the ontario conference yet, since the where already on the site so i didn't really check what missing. but hey this is an open threat if you have those logo feel free to add it i just post those logo so that Chris could had them on the site. Thanks Spearhead for the addition of those logo later
  12. Hey Davidson Great work but if i can ask only one thing is a tutorial for us newbie. I would love to make helmets but i don't really use photoshop (but we have it at school) so if you could help with a tutorial on how to put a logo and change the colors etc that would be very much appreciated thanks in advance
  13. jay-f

    NFL ProCombat

    Is Nike trying to bring back the 1995 World League and CFL sublimated jersey Style??? it didn't really work back in the days, wish them luck this time. But hey this time i'll be Nike who will made it (and everybody love nike) even if they sold you a 30$ uniforms 120$
  14. Somewhere over the rainbow