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  1. Sounds like post-move lipservice. He had full rights to block Heisley's franchise extortion, he chose not to. He saw the FedEx corporate $$$ flying in thanks to the Memphis move and made no effort to block it. That being said, I don't know if I was ever sold on BC as being a viable franchise location. Their horrid management helped none.
  2. I don't think you're the only one. Frankly, the shirt is trash.
  3. Wow, a gun. Just as pandering and offensive as those New Era caps blatantly glorifying gang culture.
  4. Agreed all across the board. The name Flight was the cream of that crop and the fans liked it as well.. Too bad Bob Johnson had a huge ego... I don't think the franchise ever recovered from the naming fiasco. The fans had spoken, yet Bob Johnson in his almighty hubris decides to name the team AFTER himself. Carolina then knew that this was a penny-ante operation and henceforth afforded the franchise the respect and attention it deserved: none.
  5. Frankly, the Mavs chose the WORST possible logo. And the worst possible color combo.
  6. Ew. I thought you were going to reminisce about the 1990 era pullovers, but then you had to go link to some sleeveless vest/milkman hat garbage?
  7. Both were hideous (and more than an unsettling precursor to Flying Elvis that was coming a few decades later).
  8. I know nothing about California, but wouldn't San Diego be a better place to move. Anaheim is just a suburb of Los Angeles, while San Diego is a completely different city. "Moving" the team to Anaheim, would basically just be changing the team name slightly (like the Angels did). While moving to San Diego would actually bring a whole new fanbase into the equation and might actually encourage some change. People are still talking about moving the Clips? LOL. Sterling just built them a palatial practice hq that's the envy of even the Lakers. They ain't goin' nowhere. And leave the logo alone. Chances are we'd be stuck with something even worse.
  9. I thought Villa myself. Still, clean and beautiful. Soccer shirts should be simple. Tacky adornments are not necessary.
  10. Umm, no it doesn't. It looks like a complete mess. A complete mess? It's just three thin stripes! Good lord!
  11. I thought the era of naming-rights stupidity was dead thanks to the economy-in-toilet. <shakes head> This right here gives me serious concern as to Stephen Ross's ability to successfully run an NFL franchise. On the basis of this alone, he's an idiot.
  12. This is the one I love. The other two are utterly boring.
  13. 1. The Kings run the Staples Centre, they're fine. If they've been in no danger of relocation for 42 years, they're in no danger now. 2. The Sharks have a huge fanbase and are in no danger. 3. See #2 4. The Blues are back, this year, anyway; also, 42 years, no danger, etc. Yet all those teams are technically in the Sunbelt. See what I mean? You have one standard for the Sharks, Stars, etc, and another for the Coyotes, Hurricanes, etc. The last thing I'll say on this matter is the hypcrasy shown on the southern teams are as bad as the world's treatment of Israel. (I won't post on this tread again.) I don't think anyone's ever said that the Carolina franchise made a blunder moving to NC. The fanbase has been rabid. Phoenix, fair or not, just gives the impression of not really giving a damn about the team. Having the arena out in the sticks, surrounded by a lovely maze of interstate, helps NOT.