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  1. That pretty much sums it up right there. Habs fans can be brutal, and I don't think Price deserves the sendoff they gave him. He wasn't the only problem they had this playoffs, and is hardly at fault. When you lose your top 2 defensemen, and can't put the puck in the net, it's going to be a tough hill to climb for any team, especially against Boston. I expect HUGE changes to the Habs next year with the amount of UFA and RFAs they have on their roster. Habs fans are insanely thick. That treatment of Price was inexcusable. Their fans think Vinny Lecavalier (or some other "Francophone superstar") wants to go up there and deal with that nonsense? Ha.
  2. I thought the "modernization" was too busy. Lose some of the unnecessary adornments, like the superfluous "SF" logo on the sleeves and some of the number trim. Let's see if the new set cuts the frills.
  3. Better than the Nationals' identity.
  4. We lost the Expos' set for this garish b.s.??? Complete and utter amateur hour.
  5. The big frown. Could be an Ayn Rand tome.
  6. How do we know it's a bible? Could be some awesome porn.
  7. Whoever vetoed that aqua helmet for 1994 needs some sort of compensation for a job very well done.
  8. Same here. Love the idea, something about the execution really doesn't jibe with me. I think the drawings are a bit over-done. Some of the 1966 bird simplicity is needed.
  9. Eh, I thought they were cool. And the script looked great.
  10. YAY! For once, an NFL team modernizes their look and does it superbly.
  11. I think the Oakland Warriors would be more appropriate. You are correct since they play in the Oakland Coliseum, however I hope that they take the opportunity to brand them with a world class city. Oakland may be Major League but San Francisco sounds so much classier, I also think it allows more options for creating a logo (using the Golden Gate Bridge or the Transamerica Pyramid). The San Francisco identity would encompass the entire San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose). Hopefully the NBA takes the opportunity to have an old franchise go from sounding like a college team to being put in the higher echelon of Major League cities. Well that's my 2 cents for today - A San Franciscan who lives in Miami LOL @ SF encompassing the entireity of the Bay Area. San Jose would take serious umbrage at this.
  12. A few weeks into their ad campaign and I despise their damn model-quins commercials.
  13. I have to admit, I do like it. Better than the Vachon V-head they have on the shoulders.
  14. I liked the new look. Too bad. Frankly, this baffles me as their previous designword was absolutely nothing worth writing in about and trying to save...
  15. I'd be surprised. That Chief's logo black is sort of an older design thing. These days, everything is so coordinated I seriously doubt a team would debut something new that had that kind of mismatch (although the Vikings did just a few years ago, so you never know). Speaking of the Lions logo... At Ford Field, the current logo is everwhere... incluyding imbeded into the facade as bas relief sculptures... very hard to remove. It'll be interesting to see how they deal with that. They should leave the Lion logo alone, that's how they should deal with it.
  16. He didn't. Can't you hear the extra "ding" between the lines? I'm sure you've seen the clips of Ice explaining the difference. -- in case it wasn't obvious. Thank you, somone got that reference. LOL!
  17. Plagiarism is the use or close imitation of the language and ideas of another author and representation of them as one's own original work. Basically, any work, literary, musical, artistical, etc. that is used and passed off by a second party as their own, is plagarism. So yes, sampling music without permission IS plagarism. Man, I don't want to derail this conversation, but I feel like this has to be addressed. Sampling music is NOT plagiarism. It doesn't matter if you have permission to do the sampling or not. I don't consider sampling music to be plagiarism because I consider it to be a form of art. The originators of hip hop couldn't afford to hire full bands to record backing tracks. Computers weren't common so they couldn't just make their own beats. So what did they do? They sampled elements of other music and used these elements to make an entirely new kind of art. They built upon the work of others. That's not stealing. Maybe it's stealing in a commercial sense (it's obviously not right to sell your sampled tracks without paying royalties), but it's not the same thing as plagiarism. Sampling a beat from a Frank Sinatra song and rapping over the top of it isn't plagiarism, it's creating something new. Recording the exact same song as Frank Sinatra and calling it your own is plagiarism. In artistic terms, none of us would say that a painter who incorporates the style of Salvator Dali in his own paintings is plagiarizing. We would say that he is incorporating an element of Dali's style in the creation of something new. To get back to the original argument, maybe what Vanilla Ice did qualifies as plagiarism. Someone said that he passed off his samples as his own original work (I have no idea if this is true and I don't really care). If that's the case, then he plagiarized Queen. However, if a musician acknowledge that he used samples in a piece of music that he recorded, then he didn't commit plagiarism. Sorry for the long post. Just because you say it's so doesn't make it so. And thanks for derailing the thread.
  18. HA! I knew this had an influence from somewhere. Why are we so quick to accuse plagiarism? I don't love the Lions logo but come on, it hardly looks like that Sea Lions logo. Yeah, and Vanilla Ice didn't rip off Queen/Bowie.
  19. Then, Tobias, mistaking a group of garishly clad men for pirates, boarded a van filled with homosexuals. I see the reference, but can we stop making gay Bucco Bruce jokes? And why are some of you so comfortable making gay jokes, anyway? Do we really find it okay and acceptable? I just always assumed that some of the members here were still in jr. high.
  20. I was hoping you were linking to the prospector shootin' his guns. Instead, I was highly disappointed. ewwwwww. Sail shield? Utterly gross.
  21. Amen x 100. This wordmark was beautiful. Now, just some generic underlined b.s. in the endzones. Zzzzzz.
  22. HA! I knew this had an influence from somewhere. And here I thought the "L" was a ripoff of Louisville. It's just crap all around!
  23. I respectfully disagree. I think it was just dignified, a lot more so than the current. Im in agreement. Love that wolf. Moreso than the current inkblot with fangs.
  24. One of the greatest logos of all time. Give me Bango over some tired snarling profile headshot above italicized action fonting.