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  1. Helmet: major upgrade. Love the arched "Temple". Alas, no one will see it, nor will anyone care. Such is Temple football.
  2. Horrible. The team is the ORANGE for crying out loud. We don't need another navy-clad squad, even if it is an alt.
  3. More competitive? Two World Championships in fifteen years isn't competitive? What we really need to see now is if the fans will finally come out. I've long believed that this could be a great baseball market, but they've not yet shown it to be. A World Series couldn't get them interested, let's hope a new stadium will. That will work in the short run, but 4-5 yrs after it opens, will it still draw fans? If ownership maintains payroll and a competitive team, the fans will stay. The "fire sale" days should long past them and they should be able to maintain a 60-70 million payroll without thinking twice. If not, the fans will disappear for good this time because there can be no more excuses. Jeffrey Loria maintain a competitive team? LOL, I love your bright-eyed optimism, sir.