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  1. That's not an original logo... that's umm, some college or minor league team called the "Sea Lions" or "Sea Kings" or something of that nature... I've definitely seen it before... Great for the PLNU Sea Lions, horrible for the Detroit Lions. That's exactly why I didn't like it, it LOOKED like a collegiate/minor league logo. An NFL logo? No sir.
  2. Oh crap. Sorry, those are exactly what i'm afraid of happening. Like it or not, the leapin' silhouette was unique. This above is just like any other college team logo. Side profile head view, snarling visage. Detail overload, total boredom. I do like that helmet concept above with the 50's-esque lion body. Has almost an art deco feel to the design. Love.
  3. Misogynist much? It's bad design, sure, but I've never found bad taste to be exclusive to a particular gender. What, men can't be leggy? Get your hate speech out of here. I'm all for gender equality, himbo or bimbo.
  4. You said the best part of today. you get to look back at the four year class before to see how your team (or other schools did). there are many from the top 50 prospects from class of 2005 that were never even declared academically eligible. There was a kid who attended Ole Miss who was in that realm, as with a kid who ended up not attending Florida State would up at Shaw university and working as a garbage man. Don't judge the class now, judge it after 3 or 4 years. 2005 was particularly brutal for 5 star prospects. Aside from the poor garbage man, there was a death (one guy od'ed after getting kicked out of UF and another (former Terp) is in jail for 8 years thanks to his role in a murder.
  5. Exactly. There's more style and individuality in that original logo than a million of those cookie-cutter template types that they just switched over to.
  6. LOL! Amateur hour. Probably cooked up by some leggy marketing major fresh out of some 4-year. And I mean seriously leggy.
  7. The only interesting thing is the wrapup on busts from the 2005 five-star prospects.
  8. Ohh, China Basin Grounds. I REALLY like that, especially considering that the NY Giants used to play at the Polo Grounds, and it has a good ring to it as well. I've always thought that Embarcadero Park would've been great as well (The stadium is built on the Embarcadero). I liked the original name of Pacific Bell Park, as Pac Bell was a Bay Area staple at the time. China Basin Grounds - sounds almost like an indie coffeeshop. And yes, it would have been a superior moniker for the Giants' digs. Pac Bell, AT&T, whatever. Can't stand the corporate nonsense, unless it fits directly in the city's cultural pastiche, i.e. Busch in St. Louis. Pac Bell? Just a soulless corporate entity that broke off from the Ma Bell monopoly.
  9. LOL! My sentiments exactly. How anyone can think that graphite jersey looks any sort of good is beyond me.
  10. Agreed, Pentagram went minimalistic and i love it. Draplin was another good one. Modern Dog, tongue in cheek message aside, was just amateur.
  11. If it was good enough for the best Sixer squad and best Sixer ever, then it's good enough for the lazy sobs that currently play for the team.
  12. The current one they do use is more outdated. That reeks of mid-90s garishness. The zeitgeist has come full circle, and the '83 logo looks fresh, clean and simple now. No curved font, no goofy ball motion swoop, and no BLACK! Thank the maker. The Iverson era is dead. Long live the future.
  13. Forget the helmet, what's really got me irked are those fuggin' PANTS in a relaxed fit. Yeeeesh.
  14. Agreement on the Chaparrals name, but that's water under the bridge now. As far as the new uni set, I think it's fine - considering what they've got to work with... I do like the "Texas" on both home and road. My only beef remains the ridiculously tame "T on ball" primary logo that they've stuck with.
  15. Great news. EDIT: then I read the Uni Watch blurb and now i'm scared...
  16. Yeah, the abrupt half-beveling in the 0 is the first thing I noticed about the logo. And it's the only thing about it I can remember. And the Padres' one is marred by its muted (read: boring) color scheme. Bring back some of the classic brown n orange.
  17. Two absolutely stunning uni sets in that pic. Heaven.
  18. Not really the same thing. Cam Cameron was a bad hire from a clueless front office that really had one foot out the door already. I think the better gauge would be Marvin Lewis, considering that he and Ryan held the exact same position.
  19. I love the current Detroit Lions' leapin' lion and I think Bucco Bruce may be the greatest sports logo EVER.
  20. They really need to ditch the curved hemlines - Guerin looks like he's wearing a diaper. Yep, and the non-connecting sock stripes. That poor lassie, she's freezing her navel ring off!
  21. Fordham used to have a pretty sweet ram logo until they changed (for some ridiculous reason):
  22. Funny you should mention this, I saw a Nike authentic (???) Jeff George Raiders jersey at the thrift store. Sewn on numbers and all.
  23. Frankly, i'm a little scared of anyone who thought the EDGE Isles looked "good".