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  1. Every year i used to look forward for the super bowl logo. Now i could not care less.
  2. All i know, if they get this as a 2nd alternate, they would have one of the nicest uniforms in league in current and alternates combined
  3. Rumor has it, they are working on a white version of the throw backs too
  4. id buy one from NHL.com if they sell the one in Wild Wing” one
  5. eh, im talking about with the same material. I like the heather colors of the newer hats, but they have that ugly side.
  6. I hate the side of these hats. I just want a plain looking hat.
  7. I’m thinking of buying my first uni that’s not a Chinese knock off, should I go game, limited or elite? Worth the prices?
  8. Mike Dee tried to phase the orange out. Tom Garfinkle is embracing it
  9. The tweet I am talking about. Its been deleted, but its been discussed here.