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  1. W is a horrible letter to make a logo from. I hate the WFT W logo
  2. This is why I don’t see the Yankees having an ad on their jerseys.
  3. Wouldn’t call the falcons new uniform an improvement. So much wrong with it compared to their old one
  4. I love the logo, and actually love it much better than the current Knights logo
  5. Yeah, thinking Cam Newton being cocky has nothing to do with his number. Terrible argument imo
  6. It really does. Even the $150 jerseys are screen printed with numbers if it has more than one layer. I hate Fanatics quality
  7. Yeah its crazy. Its annoying that every site is selling from the same place. If you buy from MLB.com, NFL.com, Fanatics, LIDS, DICKS Sporting goods, its all the same thing. If its sold out at one, its sold out at all.
  8. Yeah, but the Home Tua Jersey is #1, and #3 is the away Tua, so even with these selling too, they sold tons of their actual uniforms Also, now Miami sold a :censored: ton of Home, Away, Throwback home, and throwback home, so why would it make any sense to reduce the potential profit from going from 4 jerseys to two?
  9. Tom Garfinkle said that hes happy with the sets Miami has, and having these throwbacks being just throwbacks, and used on special occasions to keep them special, so i dont see them ever making these full time uniforms. And I am okay with it. With that said, i am waiting for them to restock the Tua throw back before i buy a new Dolphin jersey
  10. Sucks that the stitched version is sold out of basic sizes! They sold quick
  11. Yeah, but orange jersey and white pants are
  12. Same. My ONLY issue with the Dolphins set is the Dolphins wordmark. Logo is fine
  13. 100% agree! I love the throw backs, but I’m fine keeping them as throw backs and these as full time. I’d even like an orange color rush(white pants) jerseys. Imo that would be perfect set. home away Color rush orange throwback home throwback away
  14. Honestly... the ram logo looks pretty badass on the hat.
  15. Yeah, makes no sense, especially with him showing off the throw backs when he announced his number
  16. Really hope Miami doesn’t screw up the Don Shula patch they will wear this season for his honor!
  17. I doubt he takes 11 because Devante Parker is 11. He could obviously pay him for it, I just don’t see that happening, especially after hearing him talk about wanting to earn stripes
  18. I’m not a fan of these at all. Huge miss IMO.
  19. Kinda like the guy on the jets saying the same thing, and later coming out saying he only said that so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise
  20. Merchandise like hats have been already made
  21. That’s the photo they posted on their store. It’s not photoshop, that’s it
  22. 2013 Miami Dolphins was a complete Rebrand
  23. https://imgur.com/a/2dywsHd wow this logo looks terrible on hats. They should have had a flatten logo without gradient and shadows for merch like this
  24. Every year i used to look forward for the super bowl logo. Now i could not care less.
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