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  1. They need to wear either orange or black socks with the white pants. As far as the black pants, I like them better for the road, but they need to wear orange socks.
  2. Stony Brook will definitely be the better looking uniform on the field: https://twitter.com/UNISWAG/status/1438568272820154370?s=20 Arizona State - I hate these uniforms
  3. 5. Use the yellow pants stripes as the template on all pants to make them consistent. 6. Add or remove TV numbers to all jerseys to make them consistent. 7. Remove the gradiant numbers 8. Introduce a white horned helmet to reference the 1960s teams
  4. The black socks look 1000x better...I just don't get the white on white look:
  5. Penn State & Texas are the exceptions to the rule. Colorado would be if they stuck with gold pants only. Uniforms for Week 3: South Alabama BYU: Cincinnati:
  6. Uniforms for this weekend: Game already played:
  7. According to TruColor, that is not true:
  8. New Louisville Cardinals uniforms: https://twitter.com/UofLFootball/status/1432724106030452736?s=20
  9. I believe white is always a default color for any team.
  10. According to TruColor they have two offical colors:
  11. Kansas has unveiled new Adidas unis for their Homecoming game against Texas Tech on October 16th. New helmet design for the Rice Owls:
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