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  1. I've been away from live sports for a few days, as I just moved into a new place. I just watched the highlights of the Lakers-Raptors restart game. We really don't get any respect at all from the US commentators, despite being the champions of the whole damn league. To reply to your comment about Giannis more directly though - yeah, if he's MVP-caliber, perhaps he deserves to win a championship. But he still has to earn it - and that probably involves beating the defending champs as well as whomever the Western Conference sends to the Finals.
  2. Sorry about this - just had to share it somewhere. Logo
  3. *laughs in Greater Sudbury* This, for a city of 150,000, spread across an area larger than Luxembourg.
  4. Not really a realignment; just a proposed schedule tweak for the NHL when Seattle joins: 8 pods, 4 teams each Teams play pod opponents 8 times (24) Play everyone else twice (56) Season schedule reduced by 2 games. Ticket prices can be bumped up if necessary.
  5. These guys would like to know your location. I have whole anthologies dedicated to them.
  6. Is there any chance that the team would consider going in the direction of Florida State University, and choose to honour an indigenous nation in the area? I'm thinking Washington Algonquians/Potomacs/something like that.
  7. Bump, since eventually we'll be talking NBA again.
  8. Good. Advance directly to playoffs, do not pass go, do not collect $200 million. Above all, though, be safe!
  9. Two dates that come to mind? June 13, 2019 - Raptors win their first NBA title. Funnily enough, that championship game is airing tonight on TSN. Aug 16, 2013 - Ralph Wilson Stadium, Orchard Park, NY - Bills beat Vikings 20-16 in the preseason. Not a memorable game for many folks; but it was for me, because it was my big summer trip that year. I traveled to another country (without my parents!), as well as with my girlfriend at the time. I still have the menu from the Anchor Bar (originator of the buffalo wing) around here somewhere.
  10. Yeah, this is nuts. Until the number of new cases of virus in both USA and Canada seems to be dropping (or at least, stable), no league should be planning on playing, IMO.
  11. I'm just happy that Sportsnet and TSN are re-airing last year's NBA Playoff run. I watched Game 2 of the Magic-Raptors series last night. It helped.