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  1. Hey - I'm not advocating that the company actually gets the naming rights. Just putting up a for-instance. And Net Nanny programs exist for a reason.
  2. It's an action movie studio, kids. (Technically not a lie.)
  3. (after reading through this topic) *grins in CFL*
  4. I'm sad, but I'm grateful we got a chip, finally. And very happy Kawhi didn't join the gong-show Lakers. He just went home. That's admirable. Back to CFL football for me.
  5. Who's making these odds? Stephen A Smith? #norespect
  6. The following was a post from a friend of mine on Facebook. I believe it is worth sharing here.
  7. Sulking and pouring copious amounts of alcohol/food/etc. over it.
  8. MOD EDIT: No politics, even Canadian.
  9. We did it. #wethenorth #wethechamps #raptors #nbachampions #nba
  10. As much as one side of my brain says "This was still the Raptors' best season ever, no matter what happens," the other side is like "Dammit, they're just the Leafs of basketball. I should just stop watching sports altogether." Still watching til the end of the series, though. I didn't pay for 6 months of TSN Direct for nothing.
  11. I think he needs to change his last name to Hole at this point.
  12. WOW. That's 15 wins. One more to go, guys. Put that #klawonthethroat #wethenorth #raptors #nba #kingsinthenorth
  13. Careful, Icarus...(and I'm rooting for them as well)