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  1. Sorry about the double post, but I have to. Time for some venison at Jurassic Park. These Bucks are done tonight. #eatthebucks #nba
  2. 10 point lead at halftime for Toronto in a critical Game 4. #eatthebucks (Raptors eat meat, so that's not a typo.)
  3. That was one of the ugliest games I've ever seen in the NBA playoffs. 2 Raptors fouled out, Giannis fouled out, and it had to go to double overtime. But the Raptors got the win. Bring the buckshot next time. #eatthebucks (Not a typo.)
  4. That's a little harsh. I think it'd take a good solid sneeze, at least.
  5. Just so that they don't get confused between this and NCAA...
  6. Raptors win an important game 4; series all square heading back to the 6ix.
  7. Ok. Clearly I misinterpreted your meaning, and therefore my math was off. But yeah, CBJ all the way since I don't have a dog in this race.
  8. Last time I checked, halfway was 8 wins. Still, go Lumbus!
  9. And then, you look at the Leafs...
  10. The venue could be a temporary rink set up at one of Arizona's ski resorts (where there's actually snow). Just spitballing.
  11. Golf. It just doesn't seem like a TV-worthy game. It also doesn't appeal to me to play, personally. I think I've been to a driving range twice in my life.
  12. I believe that was me. And I agree. More fitting.
  13. All teams are the same as now, except for the expansion Seattle team.