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  1. I wasn't sure where else to put this:
  2. Can we please talk about something CFL-related in the CFL thread? I'll start.
  3. FREDDY! Outstanding performance. I hope it signals a turnaround in the season (at least enough to get into a playoff spot).
  4. My thoughts on Brady and his trips to all the SBs: I wish he could have gone 1-9, personally - but I will allow for the Super Bowl being won in 2002 by the Patriots, right after 9-11. America needed that.
  5. Welp. Chiefs or bust for me.
  6. The one scheduled to play against the Patriots Bucs this weekend.
  7. Yeah. 11 current teams without even one title. I'm okay with a down year and a possible rebuild, if needed.
  8. I really hope the Football Team wins next week.
  9. Instead of using a straight points count, they ought to (until COVID is nil) use points percentage, like the NHL did.
  10. Let's do an 8-team playoff, but treat all ten conferences as equals. Oh, Bama finished the regular season with 1 loss, but Cinci finished undefeated? BAMA'S OUT, GO CRY INTO YOUR CORNFLAKES.
  11. Rankings are entirely subjective and should be scrapped altogether. Similar to what TBGKon said: If you want a playoff that includes close to every FBS conference (because they are all theoretically at the same level), take 8 of the conference champions, and seed them similarly to the pros, with teams with an equal record being ranked based on things like point differential, yards for vs yards against, etc. Reduce the regular season (in normal years) to 11 games if you have to, because I know these are (supposedly) student-athletes and they don't want them to play too many games. I know neutral site games are common anyway. Schedule 5 home games, 5 away, and 1 neutral for as many teams as possible, and outright BAN schools in the Power 5 from loading up on cupcakes. It's very simple, very fair, and it's what literally every other level of college and pro sports in North America does. I realize that in Canada, University Sports football only has 4 conferences (also because in Canada, we don't consider colleges and universities to be the same type of learning institution), and so it is FAR simpler to stage a conference-champs-only playoff, but something has to give. You can even keep the bowl games, including the New Year's Six. I have no issue with rewarding teams that have a good or even OK season with a pseudo-meaningful game at the end of the year. Just stack them. Four serve as national quarter finals, two are semifinals, as now, and then have the national championship. Done.
  12. I saw this on CBC Sports, so I say, call them the CBC (Cleveland Baseball Club)!
  13. So, I've got one question. Assuming the various conference championship games play out as expected, would the selection committee be forced to put a conference champion from outside the Power 5 into the semifinals this year? Or would they just chicken out and pick a team that didn't even make a championship game, but is from a power conference, like they always do?
  14. Has anyone else seen this atrocity?