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  1. I'm just happy that Sportsnet and TSN are re-airing last year's NBA Playoff run. I watched Game 2 of the Magic-Raptors series last night. It helped.
  3. I agree with this. Looking at the present NBA standings, the East's 8 seed has a 1.5 game lead over the 9th seed. The West is even more clear-cut. We have a playoff field ready. Let's just all get through this crisis, and hopefully start the playoffs as soon as it is reasonable to do so.
  4. The latest I'm reading from is that there will be a 30-day hiatus. "NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the league will be suspended for 'at least 30 days' with the decision coming following Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert testing positive for coronavirus/COVID-19, with further testing revealing teammate Donovan Mitchell had also tested positive. The 30-day hiatus will last until what would have been the remainder of the 2019-20 regular season and it's unclear whether the season will resume or go directly into the playoffs, as Silver said, "it's frankly too early to tell." Here's hoping that everyone gets well/stays well, and we can just resume with the start of the playoffs. It will be good to feel a sense of normalcy, if things can clear up in that amount of time. If not, and the playoffs get canceled, well - Toronto holds onto the Larry O'B for another year, I guess!
  5. So, tonight I stayed up late to watch the Raptors play the Dubs in California. I wouldn't normally do that on a weeknight. Rather fittingly, by beating the Warriors tonight, the Raptors have clinched a playoff spot, and will have a chance to defend their NBA championship title. Let's Go Raptors. #wethechamps #raptors #nba
  6. Embarrassingly close game tonight against a lousy Phoenix Suns team, but at least the losing streak is over.
  7. The Raptors are completely dominating the Pacers tonight. Me likey. EDIT: Final score: Toronto 127, Indiana 81. It is the largest margin of victory in the Raptors' entire history.
  8. MLSE needs to rebrand to TRSE - Toronto Raptors Sports and Entertainment, because the Raptors are actually, you know, competitive. Move the Leafs to - ugh, I dunno, Birmingham, Alabama? Somewhere where hockey is less popular than lawn bowling.
  9. Just one thing - it's a solid concept - but I feel like Mexican citizens might not want to be reminded of all the bloodshed that Cortes and his fellow Europeans caused. The Diablos ought to be enough football. But perhaps a team called the Aztecas or something might work?
  10. Side note: Kyle Lowry is nuts. He drew two successful charges before committing the foul that ended up costing his team the game. Dude's competitive, but WTF, man? Save it for your attempted title defense.
  11. I'm watching the game. Well, at least, I watched the first quarter. It's -- not compelling. I saw Siakam and Lowry get some time on the floor. That's enough for me. And ugh - Chaka Khan murdered that anthem. Why do guest singers always feel the need to embellish every note?
  12. I dunno, man - but honestly - it was awesome, and I'd like to believe it could happen again.
  13. Okay. Thanks for a more informative response. Honestly, this does make more sense than having 100+ schools in a "top" tier. Wouldn't have to tinker too much with the existing CFP setup either. I'd just like to see every conference champion in a given tier have a shot at a national title - and no undeserving teams that fail to win their conference (but are somehow picked for ratings) taking those spots.
  14. So, I just have one question. If Troy, South Alabama et al. will "never win" against the established power schools in their conferences, what's the harm of having them in there, even theoretically? Somebody's gonna have a losing record in a 16-team conference.
  15. K. This one may anger a few folks. I've kept 128 teams in the FBS, and organized it into 9 conferences. The former Big 12 becomes the Big Texas Conference, and takes all 12 Texas FBS teams into its fold. Five conferences swell to 16 football-fielding members; the other four conferences field 12 members. The College Football Playoff gets a minor, but in my opinion, very important change. Since currently, six major bowl games are part of the New Year's Six lineup, they all become part of a proper 8-team playoff, which will allow every team in the FBS a (theoretical) shot at winning a national title. I may not watch a lot of NCAA football, but I think it's a travesty that some teams in what is supposed to be the top division of college football can post a perfect season, and yet not be considered national champions simply because other schools have - what - a larger nationwide fanbase? It's a travesty. If a no-name school like Butler can make it to 2 straight NCAA basketball finals, football teams should have the same opportunity. Here's how it breaks down. 4 conferences keep their tie-ins with a particular prestigious bowl game. The BI6 10 and Pacific Conference champs will play in the Rose Bowl. The Mid-South champ will now join the SEC champ at the Sugar Bowl. The New England champ will join the ACC at the Orange Bowl. The remaining quarterfinal bowl game will rotate between the Peach, Cotton, and Fiesta Bowls, with the other two serving as semifinals, as currently happens. The national championship game will proceed as normal - but now, again, theoretically, every team in the FBS will have at least some chance of making a championship run. No more UCF Knights having an undefeated season and not being considered for a premiere bowl game. They're in the playoff if they win their conference. No more Boise State being undefeated, yet ignored in favour of a one-loss Alabama just because "hurr durr national ratings". Win your conference and you're in. That's how it should be. Bama can play in the Bahamas Bowl for all I care. I'm still disgusted that they played a divisional rival for a "national championship" in 2012. That's just stupid. Oklahoma State deserved the #2 spot that year. I know that detractors will now say that not every game matters with this format. You could *theoretically* have a team from one conference go 6-6 in regular season play, win their extremely weak division, and then go on a run of upsets in the conference championship game and subsequent playoff. But perhaps the chances of that could be reduced by eliminating divisions within the conference, and just picking the two teams with the best two records for the conference title game in every conference. Anyway, here it is.