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  1. That looks terrible! They weren't great jerseys to begin with but who thought removing the hem stripes and using that awful Flyers template was a good idea. Thank god they came to their senses and brought back the scheme they never should have ditched in the first place. Surprised they decided to use blue white and green at the last minute since they wore their throwbacks in 2007 playoffs. If they changed the following season, their plans were probably already finalized by the time the playoffs started. "Last minute" is probably like the summer/fall of 2006. For what it's worth, the garment tag seen inside of the collar (and the one on that lighting prototype that appeared a few months back) is identical to the Reebok Tags used on the last iteration of traditional uniforms from 2005-2007. If I recall, I remember hearing that the league was disappointed with the redesigns Reebok had come up with during the lockout and demanded they go back to the drawing board, pushing the unveil date for the new uniforms to 2007 and necessitating one more production run of uniforms used from 2005-2007. Seeing all of these pre-edge "edge" prototypes also seems to really gel with the idea that they were originally all planned to be tucked into the breezers- this explains nearly all of the original edge sets lack of hem striping, another feature missing on these prototypes.
  2. Keeping on-topic, (ever since the switch to Edge uniforms) Ray Whitney's missing NHL shields:
  3. It's a working prototype only being skated on by about half a dozen select NHL'ers. My first thought as a skate sharpener was: "These are going to be a real b**** to sharpen". Also, from what I can tell there is no way to replace the runners, these appear to be a one-piece chassis/runner riveted to the boot. And only months removed from the unveiling of the Lightspeed Edge: ..it's always one step forward and two steps back, I suppose.
  4. limited run of a proposed away jersey to match the navy blue and black "nascar checkered" third they had a few years ago, if I am not mistaken. Tossed out in favor of a shameless (but bright) St Louis ripoff:
  5. In person I only saw a few Benn and I think one Lehtonen sweater.
  6. Went to the annual Ice Breaker the Dallas Stars hosted today. Counterfeit Jerseys.. Counterfeit Jerseys everywhere. One guy even had the balls to get Benn to autograph his chinese fake.
  7. is tired of ice sheets going dead an hour before my shift ends

  8. http://theother6seconds.blogspot.com/2009/08/uniform-history-project-1990s.html thank god they didn't use this.
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