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  1. I love how traditional it looks and how unique it is. This is a good "once a year" uni & historical accuracy be damned, I'll take 2.
  2. So I'm watching the tournament and I'm seeing Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke--there might be others, I don't know--and I'm noticing these panels in the middle of the jerseys that have some sort of opaque design on them. Does anybody out there have any photos or know what these designs are? I think the design of the jerseys makes all these kids look like they're full of sweat, but that's just me.
  3. Stay classy buddy. The Miami "U" is one of the most recognizable college marks around. Comparing Virginia Tech's initials to Miami's is basically comparing apples and oranges. No one but VT uses a VT abbreviation. Same for BC, no one in Div1 uses the BC moniker but BC. How many teams use UM or MU? Exactly. Thanks for playing. I agree. Plus the block S goes with the basketball team's use of "State" on their jerseys. That could connotate any college, but in that case, with those colors, you know who they're talking about. I'm more a fan of the Sparty logo, but I don't have any objections with the block S.
  4. From Spartys, stand down!
  5. That's good to know. I thought they were trying to name the team after a crappy Mercury K-car from the 80's
  6. I'm thinking this logo change is extremely unnecessary. Now, I'm a lifelong Michigan fan, but I've always respected MSU's logo and like their recently updated football unis; they're similar to the days when MSU was a national power. I'm hearing rumors on the radio here that MSU is going to be the Oregon of the Midwest. I am not a fan of what Nike has done to the looks of college football teams around the country--the random orange sleeve that they tried down south several years back at Florida, Miami, & Va. Tech; the vertical stripes that Charles Rogers wore at MSU; the Boise State script across the buttcheeks of their new unis--you catch my drift. If this is the route that State is going in, they're going to look like fools on a weekly basis...regardless of how their football team plays. To me, the new logo looks like San Jose State, or the new U. of Detroit-Mercy logo turned sideways. That leaves the only question left--what stupid gimmick are they gonna put on the shoulders of the jerseys? Duck wings? Gator claws? How about swords?
  7. As a Dee-troiter, have you no dignity sir, at long last?!
  8. This year, they were wearing their 50th anniversary patch, which looks a lot like this one. I haven't seen these until this year. Course, I've been wrong before.
  9. Well...I'm sure LaCrosse is a pretty good approximation of hell... LaCrosse is nothing--you should see East Lansing.
  10. Thank God! Those things were awful. I would vote for a return to the red, white, and blue as well...personally, I wouldn't mind seeing them go back to the "Bullets" persona altogether, but I know how that is.
  11. What, would you rather have had your generic Final Four logo with the city skyline over a basketball, like every other year? I think this year's logo is distinctive and fits the city and region pretty well. Next year, you can have your basketball-and-skyline party back, but for this year? I'll take the bad-ass logo.
  12. The logos for events held in Detroit, I've had real issues with. The Super Bowl XL logo, when it came out, I hated it. HATED it. But as time went, I appreciated the simplicity and unique aspects of the logo. It's got a pretty take-it-or-leave-it quality that's very much like the city itself. It doesn't look like much, but as far as Super Bowl logos go, it does tend to stand alone. On the other hand, there's the All-Star Game logo from '05; looks just like any other logo from any other all star game. I would've loved to have see them come up with a logo that was as unique as the one they came up with for San Fran a few years later. Now, the Final Four logo for this year? Bad. Ass.
  13. I agree with how similar these Final Four logos all seem to be, but I'm a fan of the Detroit logo. It's distinctive, the colors are different than any other Final Four logo I've seen. I think it's pretty badass; fits the city real well.
  14. I have always wanted to see cities go to "college," "school," or "athletic club" type of thing. What I mean by that is that every team within a city would have the same nickname, color, logos, and everything (much like a college or club). For instance all major professional Detroit teams (baseball, basketball, football, hockey) could be the Red Wings and all use the iconic Winged Wheel because it represents Detroit well. Obviously this would never happen because it would be enormously expensive and no team would want to give up their identities and merge with other local teams. Alas, tis only a dream... For Detroit, it'd have to be the old English "D". I love the Wings, but no other logo encompasses this city like that does. Yup. That's the hat that goes with every outfit here. On the topic of Detroit, the Pistons, Shock, and Titans are all Blue/Red teams. The Tigers and Lions also use Blue. Wings are the only ones without it. (I'm not counting Wayne State 'cause we're not D1 in most sports) Yeah, go Warriors! (Tartars, for you old school WSU folk)