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  1. How many different shades of blue are the Chargers going to wear this year?
  2. Also re: Devils -- the adidas stuff about the Newark team from the 30's, the scouts and Rockies is crap. The organization by and large has disowned the KC and Colorado years. When ever the team talks about team records it always dates back to 1982 and when the team relocated to NJ.
  3. To understand the Devils fans reaction to the uniform change you have understand a lot of the off ice changes that have gone on the last few years. When Lou Lamoriello ran the team for more than a generation he ran it in a very traditional fashion much like the Canadiens or Boston Celtics. Part of that was to build traditions. Some of that was silly like no facial hair rules and no high numbers unless you were a star. On the otherside when it came to the uniforms they kept a traditional approach. One a few teams to never have a permanent third jersey. In fact when it came to the Reebok edge changes a decade ago they were basically the only non-original 6 team to keep their uniform design. The fans embraced this. In fact after moving to Newark the team built a really fun fan environment circa 2011 through 2013. After that season the team was sold. While everyone admits on the ice changes needed to be made, the new ownership group has implemented a lot of off ice changes that have alienated much the fan base. Much of the in-game arena presentiation was changed to try to prevent fans from doing similar chants that you heard in Nashville this year and make it more "family friendly." They threatened season ticket holders for putting extra tickets on stubhub. They have also forced out many long time people associated with the organization. And more... seemingly any and everything associated with the team prior to the ownership change has been done away with. Instead of leaning on the traditions to keep people connected to the team during an on ice downturn, they have seemingly done everything to drive people away. now to tonight and the uniforms. The ownership has taken the most traditional and guarded aspect of the team (their look from when they won 3 cups and 5 conference championships) and changed it to what looks like a cheap knockoff version. It not only is a backlash against the design, but also ownership.
  4. Two shows in and it seems like a mix of the Colbert repert and Conan (but with more political edge). One thing i am disappointed is it seems to be going to the three guest format from Letterman's usual two. That means less comedy segments. i don't know about anyone else, but i usually just turn these shows off when it gets to the guest segments.
  5. Some media notes if you are interested. Per SI, Bob McKenzie will be joining NBCSN for their Wednesday Night telecast. As well it looks like both Gord Miller and Chris Cuthbert are going to call some games for the network and Dreger is going to be a contributor also. Explains why TSN was able to keep their talent after losing the rights, they all are double dipping with NBC. Also NBC is going to produce their own draft coverage this year.
  6. from Maryland Board...it looks like the MD pride unis are becoming the base set from the Terps.
  7. The player's association now has something to work with in terms of future revenue for CBA talks this off-season. Looking at the details this looks like a very short sighted deal. For the second half of the season, when you eant to be increasing viewership, all MLS telecast will be going up against the 4 pm NFL double header game on Fox/Cbs and then Sunday night Football. Good luck gaining traction. It would be better off if the English double header and Spanish language games on Univision were switch, with fox and espn2 on Friday nights away from the NFL. I guess that was what FOX and ESPN were offering and you have to take that amount of money, but it looks like MLS hurt their future negotiating power in agreeing to those timeslots. It also looks like Fox and ESPN just paid for USMNT rights and are just burying the attached MLS games.
  8. why would NBC want a a replay of this disaster? SF-Sea would be my guess.
  9. Broncos now outscored 219-30 when wearing Orange in a Super Bowl.
  10. Disagree. They have been awful on third down vs the pass. First two drives they had a chances to get Seattle off the field no points. And dumb penalty cost them 4 points on the third drive. yes they are paid to be down there and act like that
  11. Perhaps Denver should burn the orange jerseys and never wear that color as a primary again. Cumulative score when Denver wears Orange in the Super Bowl...212-30 in favor of the opponent.
  12. Rumors of Xavi to Red Bulls after the World Cup.
  13. Per Elliot Friedman's 30 thoughts column Adidas wants to switch over the Reebok brand on the uniforms to Adidas. That change may occur as part of an extension on the current deal with Reebok/Adidas that runs through 2017. May we be seeing the last of the Reebok brand?