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  1. Celebrating Freedom and Baseball in our National Capital, Washington - DC BASEBALL Logos ...
  2. none taken... i agree. That's why I've been going back and forth with the stitch styles and font adjustments, truly believing in the IDEA - Here's another shot at the original custom stitches made tighter and thinner vs. ball. Meshes / fits the letter form more now, compared to the realistic looking or clipart looking stitching.
  3. return to custom stitching + blue outline on ball. creates depth / ties logo together
  4. thicker grey outline around font, to match to stitching width, stitches further apart - closer to realistic ball proportions + consistent Red vs Blue
  5. adjustment to font thickness / smoother curving ~ transition from letter form to (slightly thicker stitches)
  6. g grey outline on ball + slightly more space between stitching towards center of ball...
  7. Thanks a lot... I agree it was looking forced, so simplified the stitches further, and though it's not exact proportion to realistic ball (that many were calling for) it fits the bolder letter form. I'd go with a thinner letter font, however it doesn't present well, esp. from a distance
  8. return to realistic stitches + micro changes to natural curvature "bowing" of font - making entire shape slightly more horizontal overall (actually in accordance with the city of Washington DC ( as there are no skycrapers allowed) + patriotic seperation of colors D&C: Democrat (Red) & Republican (Blue) party
  9. slightly more space between stitches, smoother curving / fading into letter forms
  10. EX: this image is on page 4 still, yet it's not hosted on my flickr page
  11. not sure, however page 4 still shows several slight variations, (no longer on my flickr page), had thought that ccsl site saves the image even without the URL? )