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  1. Brandon, as a Dolphins fan of 44 years, this is the best regular jersey Miami has worn since 1996. Of course the throwbacks are the best but this new set is the next best thing. All of you did a great job. Thank you! The fans really appreciate it.
  2. As a 40-year Dolphins fan I like it. Would rather use traditional number font (block, not curved) but that's a nit pick. The new throwback would be fine if it became the new primary jersey, just with an updated helmet logo/stripes. I'm undecided on the dolphin wearing the helmet. It screams tradition but it wouldn't look right on the new one. Thanks for posting this.
  3. I agree with you 100%. When I saw the amount of sleeve space on the replica throwbacks I thought it's too bad they can't make them more like the authentic style jerseys. When the Dolphins last wore throwbacks in 2003, the TV numbers were on the shoulders. I bought a replica that had the TV numbers on the sleeves like the originals. I wish Nike had done what Reebok did. There's too much blank space. They remind me of the Rawlings kids jerseys I owned back in the 70s, sold in the Sears Christmas catalogs. I admit if they sell an authentic throwback, I might have to pony up $350 because it looks much better than the $100 and $150 replica jerseys.
  4. A friend of mine is at Dolphins training camp and snapped a pic from the Pro Shop of the throwbacks. I tried to post the pic but got a warning message it can't be used. I'll try again later.
  5. The leak was right, but even with the TV numbers moving to the shoulder, they are amazing looking. If the Dolphins had any cojones, they'd make this the permanent uniform. Dumb NFL 5-year rule. Too bad they're not wearing them against the Bills, whose current jersey is a modern throwback.
  6. Dolphins release throwbacks.
  7. I get it but I still had hopes the retail version would be true to the original. We'll see in a few weeks.
  8. That there are numbers on the shoulders. They belong on the sleeves. Look at a 1966 jersey.
  9. As a 40-year+ Dolphins fan, I was thrilled to hear they planned on wearing the 66 throwback and I planned on buying a jersey. But I had a hunch they were going to mess it up. Now I know this is a kids jersey and the adults version may be different but to see the TV numbers on the shoulder is disappointing and is not a true re-creation of the 66 jersey. Other than that it looks frigging amazing. Reminds me of the old Rawlings jersey from the Sears catalog I got for Christmas 1975.
  10. Auburn Doubledays (NY-P) said they will wear 1940 Auburn Cayugas (Border League) unis for at least 10 games in 2014.
  11. no its the way the jerseys are What was Nike thinking? As long as I don't raise my arms, it's OK? That said, it's a sweet looking jersey.
  12. Just got my Nike Game Brian Hartline jersey. I wasn't a big fan of the new jerseys at first, my concern, like a lot of other's, needs more orange. After getting this jersey, I'm satisified with the amount. My problem isn't style, it's fit. I ordered a XL and it's a little big on me (I'm 5-6, 170 lbs) but I expected that. But the underarm areas, when I lift up my arms, it's very constricting. Not crazy about it. Are other Nike jerseys like this or is it just the Dolphins and their new style?
  13. The Pats won version is on You Tube. The 35th anniversary celebration was Dec. 16 and they are the same jerseys as the commercial. I saw the Reebok tag on a photo from Dec. 16. And as to those who say the 72 Phins are overrated, well, why are they the only ones? Why didn't the other NFL dynasties do it? It's Miami's fault the rest of the league sucked that year? They did what a great team does, they won. Plus, I wonder if the Pats would have gone 16-0 if Brady missed the final 9 games? That's what Miami did. I wonder if NE would have won the AFC title game if it was in Indy or SD? Miami had to win it in Pitt at 3 Rivers.
  14. I'm sure some of you have seen the new Reebok Perfectville commercial with some of the 1972 Dolphins. Some of the players (Morris, Kiick, Little) are wearing nice replicas of the 72-73 Dolphins jersey, the ones they wore at the 35th anniversary celebration that was held at halftime of the Dolphins-Ravens game (I was there). Some (Kooch, Garo, Morrall) wore current day Miami jerseys. I wonder why they didn't all have the throwbacks? They all wore them at the ceremony. Still, a great ad. I wish Reebok would sell either Perfectville t-shirts or the throwbacks.
  15. As a Phin fan of 30+ years, personally, I like the jerseys they wore from 1994-96. The numbers were like the pre 1987 redesign and it had the logo on the sleeves. Still, the 1973-86 are my all-time favorite, guess it's what you grew up with.