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  1. ericjjyy


    Technically, the kings have two hockey sticks in thier logo if you look closely (at the very top.)
  2. I don't know if its just me but it looks like teh shadows are off. Even if they aren't off I don't like the shadows, looks kinda randomly placed. I like the basic idea behind the logo and I really like the "We the People Part," and th keystone in the background.
  3. Very good job, everything is amazingly rendered. However, I think the font is too plain and looks almost generic.
  4. Typically, I am a fan of actual logos being on helmets. Numbers and script are sometimes nice, but should only been done if it has some historical meaning (like the team has been doing it for a while.) However, the Script on this helmet works really well with the helmet. I would go for the script in this case. Of course, you could do the white spartan helmet for some jerseys and the green script for other jerseys.
  5. The "D' Looks very nice. I think the whole wing vs hand thing doesn't matter very much because logos often have incorrect body parts on animals. It does look cartoony, but it's not far away from being a solid logo. Just make a few changes and give it some color and it could be a good logo. For a first logo, this is very good.
  6. So what exactly has to occur for the United States to make it to the next round? I heard we have to beat Egypt 3-0 and Brazil has to beat Italy. Is this true? And do we have to beat Egypt 3-0 or by any score as long as we win by three?
  7. If they do use a logo like that, they would need to do it differently than it is done on that shirt. On that logo, you can't tell the difference between the hat and the "V." The plaid pattern kind of extends from the "v" to the hat without any change between the two.
  8. It looks like the normal uniforms with less stripes and a different number font. Not sure if a non-logo fan would even pick up on that right away. Then again, I guess they can sell more jerseys if they have different types of jerseys to sell.
  9. I would definitely take out the circle. I'd have the "H" overlapping the chains because there is currently too much empasize on the chain and not enough on the "H". Also, just an idea, but maybe try to do stripes on the H, to make the logo more "Cat" and less "Alloy"
  10. Really? Baseball players pull this all the time and there never is even a thread made about it, so it really isn't a double standard. Although I agree with the "Oh wait this isn't an NBA thread" post, because that is always what happens when an NBA player gets in trouble.
  11. I really like the second set because I typically like having the jerseys be the same template across the board (home, away, third) except for in a few occasions. Whichever set you chose, I would increase the size of the crest logo because it is too small right now. Nice work on the jerseys and good job Office Glenn on the logo.
  12. One other example: Western Kentucky uses a Minnesota Twins ripoff jersey script on their home unis. Frankly, the TC Williams High School Titans in Alexandria, VA execute the Twins jersey script ripoff better than Western Kentucky: On the curly W, that's an absolute mess. The school's athletic logo is a hand waving a red banner. So shouldn't the W appear "on" the banner rather than with the banner wrapped around it? Makes it looks like a lobster claw gripping the W or something. That is a nice clean set, even if they are ripping off the Twins. Also, i'd like to see Denzel Washington coaching the baseball team sometime in the future So TC Williams is Navy Blue and Red now?!?!?! What happened to crimson and white?! like in the movie. As a matter of fact the infamous Titans in the movie wore uniforms identical to Bamas doesnt look like you guys have any afro americans in the diamond... Sadly, thats beginning to be true with a lot of baseball teams.
  13. I did not see that upset coming at all. Even after the three run first, I expected the Dominican Republic to come back and blow them out. Also, I remember hearing that Chinese Taipe won the second most Little League World Series championships behind only the United States who gets an automatic bid into the finals every year. How is it that a country that has such a strong program for their kids is so weak for thier adults? I know there's probably a good reason why and I'm just wondering if anyone here new and could enlighten me with this type of knowledge.