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  1. Good start could use a bit of tweaking... something with the ears, maybe placement of nose is reading more bat as suggested. The badger pics you posted have more triangle shape than the logo implies. great start though real potential can't wait to see it evolve more!
  2. Thanks all... hopefully something comes from it but I am not getting any hopes up... we'll see
  3. Thanks guys... was at the zoo last week and after seeing the hyenas I had to make a logo for them for my league! always seem to be drawn to the animals that are uncommon as mascots. the gremlin logo i just threw together one night in bout an hour so that i could get a teambuilder dynasty goin in ncaa13 haha
  4. Couple logos I did for this fantasy football season and ncaa13. Just thought I'd share... been a while since I been on here to post anything.
  5. went back and looked at the chicago bulls logo to update and add a few elements
  6. good start... i think you need to work in the gold into the logo somewhere other than just the outline though
  7. thanks. i may go back and play with the ear a bit more. the baylor color scheme may be my favorite of these which is kinda funny cause green is my least favorite color ever! haha
  8. took the idea for the 3rd color as outline... i really like it so gonna move on from this logo. also for fun threw a couple other teams color schemes on there that use the bears as a mascot.
  9. Oh i like that suggestion! I will try that out and see how it looks. This right here is the reason why I like this site... something so simple and small but something that all the time I have been staring at it didn't think of.
  10. Thanks you already hit on a couple things I was lookin at fixin as well. here is a bit updated version thickened him up a bit
  11. threw a brown color scheme on it just to see and i actually really like the way it looks.
  12. Thought I would do a bull logo to play with and stick with the theme I started with the Bears logo... thrown together pretty quickly so I know there is a lot to go in and clean up. Figured I would post anyway so people could see where it started and where it goes to. As always lemme here some C&C. Thanks
  13. I am completely not seeing the dog ear... What is giving it that look and what can I do that would change it in your mind? I think I am nearing callin it finished and moving onto another one. Anything else to change or rework at all?
  14. and another round of tweaking... kinda tried to take everything and mix them together.
  15. Thanks again I felt the same way about the missing orange fur details so had another version with them just didn't post it but here it is now...
  16. Thanks guys! appreciate the input. Sometimes you are just to wrapped up in it to see things. I know some said get rid of the white outline but I prefer navy to the orange and would lose the edge. I like the white outline feels like it pulls the white into the overall instead of just the few small spots. What do you think about these revisions?
  17. It's been awhile since i been able to play with any logo stuff... did this one a while back as a Maine concept bear logo decided to rework it some and throw the Chicago bears color scheme on there. Lookin for C&C there are parts I am happy with and others that I just can't figure out what is makin the look wrong. Appreciate any and all C&C
  18. I'd love to have the vectors too! these are very nice!
  19. Thought they looked great under the lights for 1 game... only one thing I really didn't like and it wasn't a visual thing but did anyone else notice the amount of rips tears and holes in the jerseys as the game went on? I would think a big company like adidas could use better grade of material. Just curious sinc ethey are modified techfit jerseys is that a common problem anyone else has noticed with other schools wearing the techfit jerseys?
  20. Congrats Missouri Tigers! Great competition hope we have more in the future! This loss stings even more cause it was to a Navy concept and my brother went to AFA so I have become a big fan of them. ouch. Was really fun concept and contest to do though.
  21. I don't like the angle of it but it's a major upgrade from the previous
  22. very nice change much better maybe as mentioned just shorten up the body a lil bit major upgrade there is more movement and shape to this one over the original
  23. nice and clean i like it!