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  1. I haven't posted here in a LONG time, but after attending last night's CHI-NSH game, here's $.02... As you now know, the handouts were solely the work of The Tennessean newspaper. I don't live in Nashville, but know this paper is struggling financially, and considered a total joke. The signs DISGUSTED Preds fans. A Tennessean article on Tuesday by their resident food expert (?) basically explained to Nashvillians who the Preds were and explained hockey with references to southern food. Preds fans are INSULTED... trust me. We understand hockey. I was handed a Tennessean-sponsored sign last night, but the back was blank. Regarding the ticket policy: Why the hell not? Plain and simple, the Hawks fanbase is 5 times larger. It's an easy trip from Chicago. Preds fans have proven we don't need help selling out Bridgestone. This would be a different story if the fanbases were even remotely close in size. Hockey is alive and well in Tennessee. The Knoxville Ice Bears won their 4th SPHL crown tonight (over the team from suburban Memphis). Knowledgeable, true hockey fans exist here, it's just a slow growing process. SO when the Preds knock the Hawks out in this series , don't call Preds fans undeserving, applaud us for growing hockey in the south! P.S. our seats provided multiple encounters with Vince Vaughn... I have pictoral evidence!
  2. Herndon Stadium at Morris Brown College in Atlanta was used as Marshall's stadium in "We Are Marshall". Herndon was also in "Drumline" (Nick Cannon) when Atlanta A&T played MBC. I was on the field at Herndon in late 2009, and it was falling apart then. It had a few old Georgia Mustangs (NAFL) logos painted up at that time, and MBC obviously hasn't used it in over a decade. "Little Big League" at the Metrodome. I also remember having to watch "Selena" in high school Spanish class, and her performance at the Astrodome was clearly filmed at the Alamodome in San Antonio.
  3. Tennessee Lottery's logo (It's been the only logo, as thr lottery here has only existed since 2003.) It's alright but not great at all... The "T" is like a magician's top hat shooting the symbolic 3 stars. The drop-shadow forming an "L" may or may not be on purpose.
  4. From the standpoint of the SPHL, this is unreal. I can hardly fathom the Peoria Rivermen, Bloomington Blaze, and possibly more CHL teams entering this league, especially when it was almost on the verge of only having 7 teams. (If you didn't know, the Augusta Riverhawks played the end of their season in a local recreational facility due to a broken icing system in James Brown Arena, and the Mississippi Surge, who have had declining attendance, sacked their entire front office.) The bigger league footprint is great, but the travel will be rough. SPHL teams already have extremely unbalanced schedules due to travel. (The Knoxville Ice Bears play Fayetteville and Huntsville seemingly every weekend, while only playing Pensacola twice.)
  5. Here's the logo of the best college band in the country, which I just finished my four years in.
  6. Face of the university, city, and state? Maybe sport, but when people think of the state of Tennessee, they think of Pat Summitt? Alright, I'll back up. To the rest of the nation, maybe not... but to someone that grows up here and is constantly surrounded in the culture of UT athletics, yes she is all of those things. Anyone in Knoxville/"Big Orange Country" would argue that. From this perspective, there is no one better, even at a school so rich in football tradition.
  7. I had the absolute honor to play in the band for her final game (in Des Moines) and for her final home game in Knoxville. This obviously came as no surprise to anyone, but it's still a very sad and quiet day when the face of a university, city, state, and sport is forced away for these reasons. For anyone that followed the team at all this year, it was very difficult seeing Pat just sitting on the bench silent, occasionally staring off into space. It may be a hectic time in the athletic department with this merger, but I definitely commend Dave Hart for how he handled this. It's also notable that [21 year old] son Tyler Summitt accepted a job as an assistant coach at Marquette the same day this was released. Wow what a crazy 3-4 years around here....
  8. This doesn't apply to the current season, but I've come across something that might possibly be a hint at a third jersey we could see in the future. While searching online for Preds apparel from a well known Tennessean sports store, I found they were selling navy "alternate" player tees using the "NP" logo. Is Reebok producing player tees like this (unlike the actual jerseys) common across the NHL? Link since a thumbnail is the best I can do for embedding an image of it. This store is easily the best place to find anything Preds outside of the Arena Pro Shop. They sell the same player tees you find there, and that's why I consider it possibly legitimate. Now I realize there's little chance this means anything, but I thought I'd at least throw it out there and see what everyone thinks of the possibility of this logo and color scheme for the NOB/number on a third jersey. Who knows, this might actually be a major find.
  9. MLB Braves vs. then-Devil Rays, Giants, Tigers, Marlins, Rangers (at Turner Field) Twins vs. Yankees (at HHH Metrodome) Nationals vs. Marlins (at Nationals Park) Rockies vs. White Sox (Spring Training 2011 - Scottsdale, AZ) NBA Charlotte Hornets vs. Utah Jazz (at Charlotte Coliseum) Suns vs. Pistons, Warriors (at U-S Airways Center) NHL Coyotes vs. Avalanche (at Arena) Predators vs. Blues, Flames (at Bridgestone Arena) WNBA Mercury vs. Sky (at U-S Airways Center) AFL Rattlers vs. Blaze (at U-S Airways Center) NCAA Baseball Arizona State vs. UCLA (at Packard Stadium) Tennessee vs. UW Milwaukee (at Lindsey Nelson Stadium) NCAA Football Tennessee vs. Arkansas, Mississippi State, Memphis, UL-Lafayette, Southern Miss, Western Kentucky, UCLA, Auburn, Ohio, Georgia (09,11), South Carolina (09,11), Vanderbilt (09,11), UT Martin, Oregon, UAB, Alabama, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Montana, Cincinnati, Buffalo, LSU, MTSU (at Neyland Stadium) Tennessee vs. Florida (at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium 09,11) Tennessee vs. Alabama (at Bryant-Denny Stadium 09,11) (both Alabama national championship years...) Tennessee vs. LSU (at Tiger Stadium) Tennessee vs. Georgia (at Sanford Stadium) Tennessee vs. South Carolina (at Williams-Brice Stadium) Tennessee vs. Clemson, Virginia Tech (at Georgia Dome - Chick-fil-A Bowls) Tennessee vs. North Carolina (at LP Field - Music City Bowl) Chattanooga vs. Appalachian State, Liberty (at Finley Stadium) NCAA Basketball Tennessee vs. Georgia, Belmont, Missouri State, MTSU, Oakland, USC, Memphis, Florida, Vanderbilt, LSU, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi State, Kentucky, UNCG, ULM, Pittsburgh, UNCA, ETSU, The Citadel (at Thompson-Boling Arena) Chattanooga vs. College of Charleston (at then-UTC Arena) NCAA Women's Basketball Tennessee vs. too many to name... (at Thompson-Boling Arena) Tennessee vs. Duke, Connecticut (at Georgia Dome - 2003 Final Four) Tennessee vs. Ohio State, Notre Dame (at UD Arena - 2011 Dayton Regional) ...but out of all of that I've never been to an NFL game.
  10. Icethetics and a couple other sources are saying the road, white jersey will be unveiled at the Draft. (The Preds don't have a 1st round pick by the way) The home jersey, which has been confirmed by a lot of people (just no one official), will be gold. It won't be unveiled until an event in July. I mentioned it in my earlier post, and I don't know that you all really care, but Preds fans really are outraged by this. I've read through several blogs, Preds message boards, and other comments today, and few fans approve. It's incredible to read how much the new set is praised here, and then how (mainly the primary logo) is being ripped to shreds elsewhere. Through all the comments I've read today, I'm going to say about 90% of them are against this change. The removal of the black and blue Third jersey has people furious. While I actually disliked them at first, I can now agree that they were probably the best unis in franchise history. If you're interested, Facebook unveiling comments ..beware, there's a lot of "the old PredHead was the best logo in the NHL!" As it's been said before, let's just see how it looks on the uniforms and then judge.
  11. I liked the skull logo, for what it was. It reminded that the name wasn't just a generic, macho sports name but a name that was relevant to the history of the city in which it played. From the team's website: In May of 1971, excavation began at the downtown Nashville site of what today is the 28-story First American Center. Construction workers drilled through 20 feet of solid rock before coming to a soft muddy area. Further digging revealed a cave containing the nine-inch fang and a foreleg bone of a saber-toothed tiger, extinct for at least 10,000 years. Radiocarbon tests on the specimen revealed that it could have possibly been one of the last of its breed to exist. Scientists believe that some time during the last glacial period (15,000-80,000 years ago) part of the cave was the den of the saber-toothed tiger. The discovery, made in August 1971, marks only the fifth of its kind in North America. The cave, located beneath the building, is preserved under concrete for historic and educational purposes. I think that's pretty cool. Edit: Never mind... Sure, the historical connection is great, but as a replacement for the N-tower logo on the home and away jerseys, it was downgrade. One sabre-tooth tiger design on a jersey is enough.
  12. A bad design is a bad design. The overly detailed chromed look was awful. This new design keeps the spirit of the identity that's existed since 1998 intact while removing the elements that held the identity down. You don't want a gold sweater? I'm all for it as long as it isn't that awful mustard colour the pre-Edge alternates used. If there is a gold sweater though, I hope it's used on the road. Yellow, as a substitute for white, is a severely under-realized concept in pro sports. Its to reflect the music heritage and tradition of being the 'music city'. Nah, really? I said it has nothing to do with Predators, not Nashville. That's fine though. It's the shoulder alternate mark. It's supposed to emphasize a part of the identity that the primary isn't. The primary represents the "Predators" half of the name, the guitar pick alternates represents the "Nashville" half. I'm in complete agreement. What you said is exactly right, I was mainly justifying why fans are displeased right now. It's a separation from all that fans have ever known. Will they stay upset? Absolutely not. This will grow on people fast. Regarding a gold jersey, I wouldn't mind it as a 3rd jersey, but not for something full time. While it would be unique to pro sports (if allowed), I personally just like seeing the Preds in a white jersey more, and don't want the one team that's different to be my team. That's just me. If it were to happen, I would prefer it be the home jersey, though I'm not so sure about games being a gold/yellow jersey vs. a white jersey. Also, the guitar pick logo (which appears to be loved by all), while indeed being completely out of the Predator theme, is effectively representative of Nashville and Tennessee just like the awesome N-tower logo was. As a lifelong Tennessean, I'm very excited and proud to have the 3 stars from the flag on the jerseys. ...It also means the death of that wretched skull logo, which no one was proud of. To me, that's the best part of this update.
  13. Coming from a fan's point of view here, I'm pretty shocked first off. I saw the goalie mask with the "NP" logo, but I didn't see it leading to a complete update. The obvious opinion here is that this is a 1000% upgrade. While it clearly is, this fanbase that has grown to love the crazy, over-detailed logo is (judging by the facebook comments) not really liking this. After all, the franchise has been around since 1998, and finally had its most successful season this year (with a fanbase that has ever been stronger)- with that logo. I personally am having a hard time with the lack of detail on the tooth, and lack of silver from the color scheme altogether, but it'll grow on me. A couple other things I've noticed: - The guitar pick will be the shoulder alternate, and the fact it's navy leads me to believe it will be going on a gold jersey. - The eye on the logo matches that of the alternate jersey. It's of course supposed to stick around, even with some of the detail that didn't transfer to the new logo (which I believe is what the OP means in the title of the thread). Overall, I'm impressed and am very glad that the Preds are no longer in the basement of pro sports logos, and look forward to seeing the new jerseys Friday- personally hoping one of them isn't gold.
  14. My first thought upon seeing this is that it uses the same font used in the horrendous Pensacola Ice Flyers logo, which was introduced to the SPHL just last year. Was no one within the organization smart enough to notice the similarity, or do they just not care? Also, it was announced today that the CHL's Mississippi RiverKings are joining the league. This makes two teams named Mississippi, (with the Surge) so we could likely (hopefully) see a name change. The most sensible option would be the RiverKings returning to their previous name, the Memphis RiverKings (1992-2007) as they are located basically just across the border from Memphis.
  15. Really, a rally? Yeah, that's a guy you outta support. Yeesh. I thought that kind of blind allegience was reserved for SEC Footbaw Ol' Bawcoaches. If it helps at all, this is mainly only students, and was spread through facebook. This isn't something that's been all over the news and advertised, trying to get the entire Vol Nation to show up. And when you say "there's a guy you oughta support" keep in mind all of this: (taken from a Knoxville News-Sentinel article the other day) "It could be because Pearl produced UT's two winningest seasons ever, 31 in 2008 and 28 in 2010. It could be because of the first outright SEC championship since 1967 and the school's first No. 1 ranking, both in 2008. It could be the school-record six straight NCAA tournament bids, the longest active streak in the SEC. Eight of UT's 16 all-time NCAA tournament wins came on Pearl's watch. It could be that Pearl's energy and success got Pratt Pavilion built and Thompson-Boling Arena converted from an aircraft hangar to a terrific environment for basketball. It could be that UT's home crowds jumped 5,504 per game in Pearl's first year and the Vols have stayed in the top five nationally in attendance ever since. It could be that the Vols lead the SEC in league wins (65-31) since Pearl arrived, or that his teams are 36-27 in true road games, 31-17 on neutral sites and 26-20 against ranked teams. It could be the OUTLIVE money he's helped raise to boost cancer screening. Or the Dane Bradshaw Scholarship he endowed. It could be orange body paint or the orange blazer. Or that he would promise a crowd the Vols were going to whip Memphis' or Florida's (rear end) and then do it." When the man created the greatest era in a program's history, at a passionate SEC school, (sadly) he'd have to do a lot worse than what he did to not be loved here.