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  1. Personally, I would rather see silver included into the caps color scheme rather than gold Maybe something like this for a blue alt jersey would be cool...
  2. You are extremely immature. Not only does it show in your comments, but also in the fact that your only dis is "douchebag". Shows that you are probably in about 7th grade.

  3. So whats the deal with these Coyotes thirds? someone has a picture of the prototype???
  4. im just telling it how it is. thats all. and that guy kinda seems like a "EDITED" lol to me im only on this thread for fun anyway, and no i didn't just "recently discover how to recolor thing on photoshop"actually im pretty decent at it, & i thought and ,still think, that i have better concepts than the ones by 'jersey devil' (unique name by the way) haha THATS ALL. Ight Take it easy, keep it sleazy lol
  5. Wow. Go away. Considering that your "concepts" are mostly recolorings that required little thought, if any. The Lightning concept is really the only nice looking one, IMO, out of all of them ones above. lets see you do better. edited lol
  6. those concepts suck if u wanna see some nice looking concepts visit my site http://allaboutthethreads.blogspot.com