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  1. I heard around town Fond du Lac LakeFlies has been making its rounds with folks thinking of names. That's wonderful, let's name it after something that everyone hates all summer
  2. From area (NF) and I suggested Sturgeons. Still a fish but something a little more badass looking than Walleye. But walleye makes obvious sense. Are they going to add seats to Marian's field? Because it fills up pretty well already.
  3. This playoff run I came to realize the Broncos' current logo is amazing. It really is one of the best in the league. Hope they never go away from it.
  4. These past 2 weeks have made me realize that the Broncos logo is awesome. Yes their uniforms are becoming/have already become outdated, but their logo is great. I know that might be unpopular on here but overtime I look at it, it makes me realized more and more that it's quite the great logo. Easily top 10 in league, and could make a case top 5.
  5. I absolutely love the Roman Numerals. It's one of those things thats like, do they need them? No, because we still say "Super Bowl 45" not "Ex EL VEE." But does it add a certain feel to the games that just is completely awesome? Yes. It gives the game a bigger feel almost. I'm not sure why, but it just feels more important. Hope they never get rid of them
  6. Now that the Broncos are in white, I'm rooting for this But this isn't terrible at all
  7. The ones that all sprung to mind were already posted, so I won't bog the thread with repeat photos: UCLA (Clarendon font) Miami (2001) Georgia (Black alts) Notre Dame (green) Georgia Tech (orgasm inducing throwbacks)
  8. You know, the Texans sure did hit it out of the park on the first try didn't they? All around aesthetically. Logo might last forever, uniforms are a modern classic.
  9. I'd guess Clemson goes all Orange everything, while Bama does Bama
  10. i have no idea whats going on here, but it looks like this dude just tripped over the goalie's stick. if that's the case, he's not looking anything remotely close to cool Not a big "history of sports" guy are ya?I'm surprised that you even know what hockey is ESPNboy... LolBorn and raised in Wisconsin so tough to not like hockey.Also I enjoy the jab at ESPN for hating hockey
  11. i have no idea whats going on here, but it looks like this dude just tripped over the goalie's stick. if that's the case, he's not looking anything remotely close to cool Not a big "history of sports" guy are ya?
  12. Is it April 1st? What a joke. Honestly it looks like your annoying local adult softball team that takes rec league too seriously. Awful
  13. Those empty seats up top sum up the cardinals before the move to the new stadium. That looks like a decently filled stadium Here in Green Bay we call that empty of a stadium "2 hours before kickoff"
  14. It's not the worst thing in the world, but if they just went red socks that's a top 5 away set
  15. Helmets have potential. I have to see them on the field before I can judge fully. Weird idea though that part of the uniform won't in fact be uniform, but it's interesting none the less
  16. Are you blind? Those are hideous. The Helmet is hideous, I'll give you that. But when you think about the trademarks of a typical bad adidas uniform, most aren't there. Sure they are: Tire treads Horrible striping on pants Horrible striping on jersey Barely readable script on front of jersey Barely readable nameplate1.) This is a an extreme nitpick, but while the Tire Tread is dumb, if I remember correctly, it's there for non aesthetic reasons, and thus don't consider part of the typical "adidas design" 2.) and 3.) No! To me the traditional Adidas design has no pants stripe or jersey stripe, instead uses Giant hip logos ont he pants and none, to very minimal sttriping on the shoulder, most of which is small and super generic. The only Adidas team with pants striping is Miami and at least these stripes make more sense. 4.) and 5.) Ok yes they are unreadable, but unlike Louisville and Miami's unreadible mess of nameplates, these issue can be fixed with a recolor. I'm not saying the Wolfpack's uniforms are great overall, but by Adidas standards, they are better then 90% Adidas has put out. ^This guy
  17. Not 100% sure but those bad boys were always used in the past as sort of a "big game" jersey. Haven't had the biggest games at home since that Bush Push game I think so that could be why. Also they do this shamrock series thing now so the shock factor of running out in the green jerseys isn't what it used to be. It's a shame because I love those old green jerseys
  18. Ya know, I'm not mad at either of the colors. It's just the over use. If the Jets wore those jerseys (white pants) it would be an amazing look. And I'd be ok with a red alt (white pants) for the Bills as well.
  19. Didn't Pat Tillman not even wear that type of camo?
  20. So I don't want to be that guy, and trust me I'm all for patriotism and love of country (except most unis) and I respect the troops incredibly (I couldn't do what they do), but I have to ask. Why does ASU/Adidas continue to pump Pat Tillman products for sale. I understand what he did was incredibly heroic, so I don't mind ASU honoring him (like their field entrance for example), but wasn't the whole Pat Tillman thing an attempted cover up and became a source of disgrace almost? I don't know the whole story necessarily but I remember that they tried to cover up it was friendly fire. (Not trying to be insensitive I promise. I respect Pat Tillman 100% for what he did. Just curious as why the powers at be enjoy making money off of it)
  21. I can't begin to explain to you how happy and relieved I am that the Badgers moved away from Adidas. Football unis won't change much at all so for the crowd that wishes UW and Nebraska would look different, don't hold your breath. As long as Alvarez is there it'll stay as is minus an alternate set or helmet here or there. And I'm 100% alright with that. Other sports I'm alright with being a little more modern and whatnot like basketball has been (this year it's pretty classy though), but football will stay traditional as long as the program is a national brand
  22. As an ex football player, I much preferred playing on real grass. Field turf had that initial "wow this is artificial how cool like the pros" but tackling and getting tackled on that fake stuff was the worst. What the Packers do is perfect. As a uniform note, glad to see Dallas wearing their best uniforms today. Such a shame we see the navy blue such few times.