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  1. I think it's just the photoshop job of the picture
  2. I'm not sure if this is unpopular or not, but the Broncos' blue uniforms are lightyears ahead of the orange jerseys. It's not even close.
  3. Do we know if the Chargers and Rams will have their own logos yet at the 50 yard line of SoFi or will they go with the NFL shield? I understand the convenience of the shield, and remember when the Jets and Giants tried switching logos and scratched it (due to slick turf if I remember correctly?) but I think it looks so cheap and neutral when the shield is there instead of the team logos. Would love for a way that LA could have the logos without compromising safety.
  4. Kraken is a great name. They own the name Kraken in sports now, so great branding decision. Plus it's just a sweet name. Sockeyes? That's awful and would be universally be getting made fun of right now if that was their choice, but instead Kraken is getting loads of praise. I can't think of an expansion team hitting such a home run when it comes to the entire identity package right from the get go. Maybe the Texans, but this feels so fresh. and LOVE the Ice Blue color.
  5. I understand tradition of FSU and how these were viewed as a disgrace from the traditional look, but tradition aside WOW are these just some of the sexiest uniforms around. That helmet is one of the best helmets in the nation (might be better with a garnet or black facemask). Really wish they'd bust these out in a big time night game.
  6. As far as I know, everyone in my age range (mid-late 20's), thinks this set is not only the best Ducks uni's, but legit one of the best modern hockey uniforms. I also know a lot of people in the same age range who were fans of the Mighty Ducks strictly because of D2/D3 movies plus the cartoon series and this uniform, and once they left this set behind, they all stopped being fans. The Eggplant one is not nearly as great as the white easily. When wearing this white uniform, the Ducks have not only never looked better, but have never sniffed anything close
  7. I belong to the camp that the Cowboys home whites are incredibly awful, while their dark blue set is easily top 5 in the league. I understand the history of why the whites look like they look, but it's 2020 now and it looks stupid
  8. I more I looked at the two logos side by side, the more I felt this but couldn't really figure out what I felt, and you summed it up perfectly. The old logo has always been one of my favorites, but seeing them side by side, the new one is a great update to modernize it.
  9. How disgusting of the Packers! The NFL mandated them to make a color rush and they added *gasps* WHITE PANTS!? Lombardi is rolling in his grave.... If you're telling me you got upset because once a year the Pack wore white pants (which not going to lie, even though I much prefer the gold pants, these are not ugly), then wow. I honestly can't stand the Nike hate. Any brand will go as crazy as a team/league will allow them too. You're telling me they had a chance to make packer all gold color rushes and then nike went "Nah, just make white pants which we can't sell to people anyways." Nike would have 100% preferred a gold jersey they could actually sell to people.
  10. I am a "Gold" season ticket holder but am fortunate enough to have enough family from Green Bay where I have been to more "Green" games than "Gold" games strictly due to the numbers (either through family having the Green package or getting the Brown County Tax tickets). I agree with the idea that "Gold" games have a quieter atmosphere. I've noticed within the last 5 years that there are more away fans during the Milwaukee ticket games as well, which I assume comes from fans not wanting to drive up to Green Bay from the Milwaukee area so they sell them online. But the idea that there are two different atmospheres definitely has some legitimacy to it
  11. Ever since Barry Alvarez has been at the school, if wearing the white tops at the Rose Bowl, it's been red pants, which are never used otherwise (I think once under Gary Anderson and once under Bielema during the regular season). The 2012 game against Oregon was the only time they went all white, but they had special Rose uniforms from Adidas. I'm very curious if they'll go all white with the white facemask, or red pants with red facemask. Here is the 2012 game's Rose Uni's just for reference
  12. We're still getting a navy ball in glove logo. Yes some might prefer the previous version when they are side by side, and I'm with you in the fact that so far my instant reaction is I prefer the version that has been used the last few years, but I fully believe that mostly everyone will still be all in on the change because it's a return to the logo that I'd argue is the most loved just logo in the entire state. It's basically the Brewers knew they were playing with house money because they know the switch will be universally loved, so they made some tweaks that I feel will go unnoticed by many and for people with a keen eye within a few months maybe a year.
  13. Lots of complaining on here about a thing that 98% of the entire state of Wisconsin will view as a massive upgrade. Is it perfect? No. Do I prefer the Navy/Athletic logo version that has been used the last few years? Yes.....This one seems too elongated where the previous version was very squared and seemed more even, and I agree the connection of the web distracts the eye. However, it's still (essentially) a return to a logo that BY FAR the most beloved in Brewers history. If you see Brewer fans anywhere wearing gear it way more likely to be any version of the BiG over the wheat M and it's not even close! This will be celebrated universally in Wisconsin and will be viewed as a major success. Uniforms we obviously have no clue about yet but the logo switch will be a PR dream for the team. Also, navy makes way more sense than royal blue: 1) It is a way to have a refreshed retro look. The navy makes it look like 2019 and not 1982 2) Miller Park has very dark tones throughout it, royal would seem out of place as the permanent main color instead of just retro nights (which in my opinion they will not get rid of through this change) 3) Can't have a retro identity if you new identity is the exact same. The royal/navy differences allows for both to exist still 4) Navy just looks better with athletic gold. I think the PITT rebrand is a prime example of something that looked great in throwbacks can look loud and out of place as a permanent solution
  14. Not sure if this is known yet or not, but a friend of a friend who works in the Crews front office says the jerseys will be unveiled next week sometime. It's just classic hearsay so take that for what it's worth...
  15. The BiG is the quintessential Brewers logo and it's not just because it's the most beloved just strictly logo arguably in the entire state, forget just in the Brewers identity. But also because it's just a great, simple, perfect logo. I'm not from the 80's era but it doesn't scream 80's to me at all. Every single time the Brewers wear the new Navy/Athletic gold BiG, it looks far superior. It is used on basically all official team graphics as well so I think that being the primary is a done deal, it's just a matter of when. I agree with what was said a few posts up in the fact that the Crew will never get rid of the throwbacks as just that, throwbacks. 1) the revenue stream is insane and 2) It's perfect as is with the royal blue, but I don't believe those would work as primaries. The Navy/Athletic gold is a much sharper and current look than the Royal look. I also hope because of that that they never go to pinstripes on the main set, just keep them with the throwbacks. It's my dream scenario to have the Navy BiG as the main logo with a recolonized Navy/Athletic Gold Barrel Man as the sleeve patch
  16. While it'd throw these boards into a riot, I really hope next season and into the future the Rams embrace the duel identities. Yellow horns at home and White on the road, with the Retro template of the jerseys in the various colors. And with the availability to have a color rush jersey as well as an alternate, you could have a White/Blue Home and away as well as a Yellow/Blue home and away and can wear either identity any given week. I think it's a concept we haven't seen before in the NFL level and would be unique, yet is still two great uniforms and not too crazy like a college team.
  17. I heard around town Fond du Lac LakeFlies has been making its rounds with folks thinking of names. That's wonderful, let's name it after something that everyone hates all summer
  18. From area (NF) and I suggested Sturgeons. Still a fish but something a little more badass looking than Walleye. But walleye makes obvious sense. Are they going to add seats to Marian's field? Because it fills up pretty well already.
  19. You know, the Texans sure did hit it out of the park on the first try didn't they? All around aesthetically. Logo might last forever, uniforms are a modern classic.
  20. Is it April 1st? What a joke. Honestly it looks like your annoying local adult softball team that takes rec league too seriously. Awful
  21. Those empty seats up top sum up the cardinals before the move to the new stadium. That looks like a decently filled stadium Here in Green Bay we call that empty of a stadium "2 hours before kickoff"
  22. The Cowboys upset me more than a jersey should. This is a top 3 look in the league yet they wear it once every couple years and only when a team forces them to wear them. Screw the white at home, it looks awful and this is far superior.
  23. People would call it insane and blame Nike somehow
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