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  1. Liverpool officially released their away kits today...
  2. Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! Expect to be in your mailbox Saturday. Monday at latest!
  3. Here's the latest. We hit the presses today, ended up w/ gray shirt as predicted. Already getting a great response, so thanks to those of you who helped by providing feedback on this! Those who mentioned interest in purchasing: Discount code for the board is "ccslc"
  4. Really like the idea here, Mark. The mouth and nose are drawing the most attention for improvement for me. Something about the seemingly perfect squared off teeth isn't striking the right chord. Just my opinion, but when I'm thinking "devils" I immediately want to visualize more of a beast and less humanoid and put together looking, though that may be your intent. Some dents in the horns could add character quite easily, too. Looking forward to watching this progress.
  5. Couldn't agree more...unfortunately, the team's current obsession highlighting navy and gold has everyone else wanting just that.
  6. Thanks, there should be a few more updates yet to come, too. As for the grey - just remember the end use for this is on a t-shirt. Grey and other neutrals tend to sell best, and limiting colors/inks saves $$$. Just wanted to present them in context. As it stands, the bottom left is most likely to be the version produced, albeit with some tweaks.
  7. Alright, I'm pretty comfortable with where I landed here. Note the addition of sword rather than dagger, some further upward motion, and hand highlights. Next update will probably include some shirt mockups! Which fabric/background color looks best?
  8. I'm giving the sword a shot today...I found a relatively simple fix for the hand, too. I appreciate the compliments, but there have been many other concepts here over the years much more worthy of that accolade!
  9. Here's where we stand...Added a bit of a shear to help with it looking so static. Made minor adjustments to face and highlights, and added a dagger on his hip... Keep the great feedback coming, guys! I really enjoy hearing it.
  10. Thanks all for the comments, should have some updates to share this evening. I agree with most that a sword/dagger is necessary as well as some more dynamic motion. Stay tuned
  11. Hey guys, so the title is pretty self explanatory here... I'm working on a Cavs shirt and I came up with this idea. Wouldn't it be cool if I could recreate Lebron James' signature dunk, but being executed by an actual Cavalier? I wanted to get some extra eyes on it before making any print decisions, and also give myself a chance to step back and re-evaluate it's composition. Would love to hear everyone's comments and criticisms. Thanks!
  12. Nice work, Ian. I tend to agree with some of the others that the presentation outclasses the logos themselves. I particularly like the crossed anchor logos and the wheel; the wordmark too....The stand alone anchor i feel tries to jam too many elements together (ball, LA, C, Anchor), same with the tertiary mark. The uniforms have a lot of potential with the nautical theme that I think was missed. Would love to see you refine this some more. Keep up the good work.
  13. Liverpool's Home Kits were officially unveiled in fact is a faux-collar.
  14. Incredibly detailed work, Mark. This is amazing. Would love to see the addition of color. Tremendous job.
  15. Wow, thanks for the nomination guys! It's great to be a part of this list. Great job too, Brandon on the nominee graphics and putting this all together. Good luck everyone!