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  1. Yeah, I've had that same issue somewhat frequently lately too.
  2. Kinda gives me 2016 and 2020 Pro Bowl jersey vibes.
  3. Tucked into stirrups if he wants to be taken seriously!
  4. Not only that, the Eagles haven't worn mono-green since 2002. I don't see them pulling that out again any time soon just out of the blue.
  5. He shaved it. Here he is ~10 years later.
  6. Fair point. He did say "any sport" though, and that was the first that popped into my head.
  7. They sell retail versions with ads at official team stores at the arenas.
  8. I've gotta hand it to the Jazz for 1) Sticking with the initial redrock jersey for longer than the City program is designed for and 2) maintaining the general theme with this new jersey. My biggest issue with the City jersey program is that majority of the jerseys aren't around long enough to make a lasting impression. If you're going to go with an "out there" design that's a departure from your team's usual identity, at least stick with it so it gets some staying power. The Heat's Vice uniforms are another example of this... although the colours have been swapped from year to year, the theme has carried on and become part of their visual identity. A comparison I can think of off the top of my head to illustrate my point is the Edmonton Oilers Todd McFarlane 3rd jerseys. They were far from what an Oilers jersey would typically look like but they were around for long enough that they became part of the brand (for better or worse). Had they only been worn for one season and then followed by some "City of Champions" themed jerseys, then a West Edmonton Mall themed jersey the year after that, I don't think they would have had the same impact. TL/DR: One season isn't long enough to establish a wacky design/colourway as part of a team's brand.
  9. Yeah these ads are getting pretty intrusive. The top and bottom banners are bad enough but now I’ve got a Toyota Tacoma ad that pops up about every 5 seconds and expands to take up the entire perimeter of the page... Doesn’t matter where I am in the forum. I’m using Chrome for iPhone if that helps at all.
  10. Right, thanks for the reminder. Admittedly, a little panic set in when I saw that Stars monstrosity.
  11. Yeesh! Now I'm really hoping that the Reverse Retro program doesn't just devolve into colour rush and that other teams will pair proper equipment with their jerseys.
  12. That Heat jersey needs some white on it. Maybe in the drop shadow.
  13. They really should have stuck to their word. There’s nothing cohesive between that jersey and those pants.
  14. Looks to be the template for their white jersey from 1980 (spaces in the sleeve striping). It would be "reverse" since they've swapped out white for Navy. I'm not saying it's a great choice but it does seem to fit the theme.
  15. I'm not privy to any inside information but given that the teaser has the year '97 I'd say we're just as likely to get a red version of this since that's the year it was introduced. EDIT: Never mind, the teaser obviously shows this isn't the case
  16. Interesting that the Canucks are going with navy. I think that'll make the gradient a little less garish compared to royal.
  17. I know it's just the shoulder patch but I've always liked how the white Flames logo looks on a black background.
  18. I don't hate this one. Although I'd prefer if the dropshadow was consistent between the wordmark and number.
  19. The ‘97 on the Penguins teaser is throwing me off. Based on the leak we know it’s going to be a white diagonal script jersey but the black one was last used during the 96/97 season. Seems odd since most other teasers feature the year the jersey debuted.
  20. Agreed, it's gotta be the gradient. If you piece together other teams/years, it seems as if the year on the teaser indicates the year the given jersey was first introduced. In this case, gradient Canucks came out in 2001.