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  1. Anyone know if this reverse retro series will feature colour vs. colour matchups? If it's meant for rivalry games and we've seen a white Pens jersey and an orange Flyers one, I can't help but think that half of what's yet to be unveiled will be white.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Classic case of "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone." Year after year I would think that they were due for an upgrade and now I wish they could just go back. Limiting the mixing and matching would help the old set too. All they really needed was powder over white, and white over powder. If you need an alt, then navy over white.
  3. That Knights secondary logo doesn't belong on the front of a sweater. Regarding the reverse retro program as a whole, it has the potential to be fun and I'm excited to see other designs come out but I fear that colour swaps will make things just look off. Based on the Flyers and Penguins leaks, they just don't look quite right because the colours aren't how they should be. Yellow takes a backseat to black on the Penguins jersey and then the black shoulders on the Flyers just looks like an improper use of a filling tool rather than a jersey inspired by something from the past.
  4. So what's the deal with this fourth jersey program? Will every team have four jerseys? Or does this just allow teams who currently have an alternate to add another one?
  5. I don't like the penguin logo without the triangle behind it.
  6. The story on the mothership shows two remaining jerseys yet to be unveiled. The photoshop tweaking makes it look like they'll be a black/gold (arched not chevron) and a purple (hopefully with red). It's anybody's guess as to which one would be Earned and which one would be City.
  7. That bottom Jags uniform is bad but I'm a sucker for that teal flake helmet.
  8. Why is that unfortunate? If they're the only big 4 team to be named after wolves, isn't that to be expected? Or do you mean that this logo isn't that great, so it's unfortunate that it's the best one out there right now?
  9. I’ve always liked the navy Panthers jersey (minus the broken stick added to the logo) better than the red. I didn’t realize that belonged in the unpopular opinions thread!
  10. I saw a game worn BYU football jersey at my local Value Village a couple days ago. It was only $4.99 but I was in a hurry so I didn’t get it. Can’t remember the NOB but it was a linebacker number. Kicking myself a bit now for not looking into more info about it.
  11. Why were you wearing a helmet at fisherman's wharf?
  12. Alternate logo, yes. A throwback/original logo, eh, not so much.
  13. Haha oh boy! Took me a sec to realize what you meant... but... yup, there it is!
  14. I noticed a couple Niners players had coloured chinstraps (well, not the straps, but the part that covers their chin) tonight. One was red and one was green. Is this related to the Crucial Catch campaign? Or is this something they’d get fined for?
  15. I'd go one further and say keep the old number font too. The thin horizontal portions of the old numbers is instantly recognizable as Patriots to me.
  16. Is that blue or purple? The lighting and background are making it hard for me to tell. If purple, I don’t like the mixing of eras.
  17. I don't really get the superstition of uniforms being associated with a bad game (or a good one for that matter). If I have a terrible day, I'm not going to throw away the shirt I was wearing.
  18. It irks me that the Motorola patch bleeds over the edge of the stripe. That's where my eyes are always drawn to with that jersey #SuccessfulMarketing
  19. Do you dislike the white facemask for the Chiefs? I'm not a big fan of white facemasks either but I think that's the only colour that would work for them. I don't like the white facemask on the Bills red helmet though so I'm not even going to try to come up with a personal rule.
  20. Pretty sure that's navy, not black.
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