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  1. Count me as another who came to say the same thing. At first I thought my eyes just hadn’t adjusted after getting boned by the Rams last night.
  2. I think the key to having a diagonal script jersey is using the right amount of characters. "RANGERS" being 7 letters is probably the perfect amount. It's not too crowded and has a natural middle being that it's an odd number of letters. It's why the Minnesota ASG uniforms above work so well too. In my opinion, "PITTSBURGH" is way too many letters to pull off properly and there seems to be too little going on with the "WALES" jersey pictured above as well. In the case of the Hurricanes, other than the fact that it's dumb to use a shortened nickname on a uniform, I think the letters are too big to work properly since it's 5 characters.
  3. When was the last time the defending super bowl champs didn’t have a championship patch on their jerseys for the opening game?
  4. This looks like the flag for a dystopian nation devoid of good sports uniforms.
  5. I can't stand those blue numbers on the Rams jerseys. They look like they're made of fruit roll-ups.
  6. In the “things that don’t really matter but will bug me if it’s inconsistent” category, will the swoosh on the Colts pants be black now so that it matches the white jerseys?
  7. Neither did I until I saw this. I was pleased to see the patch too. It’s really good quality but abnormally short for some reason.
  8. Yeah I don’t get it. If they insist on segmenting it they could have at least used their orange colour for that little bit instead of blue. The blue separation makes it look like two separate elements.
  9. Diehard Eagles fan here. I won’t wear anything else NFL but for other sports I’m pretty much anything goes as I don’t really have a “team” other than the Eagles. Not much of a hat guy but for jerseys I’ll break it down: NHL - I’m a sucker for 90s hockey jerseys. I won’t wear them much other than to the odd WHL game I go to. MLB - having been to 10/30 ballparks and on the quest to see more, I find it’s more enjoyable to root (root root) for the home team. I will usually get a jersey or t-shirt to wear to a game I’m going to. I find it adds to the experience and makes for a better photo op for the wall in my man cave of all the venues I’ve seen games at. I also really like wearing Nike Dri-fit shirts in the summertime so I’ve got a handful of other MLB shirts. At the very least, they’re on deck if I end up attending one of their games in the future. NBA - I can’t remember the last time I bought a basketball jersey. Pretty sure Reebok was still making swingmans when I did. I played basketball in high school and my wardrobe showed it. I have a lot of jerseys of players I liked or jerseys (mostly throwbacks) that I liked. I can’t recall the last time I wore one though but I still enjoy having them in my collection. My days of wearing jerseys on a casual basis when I’m not attending a game pretty much came to an end after I graduated from university. The only jerseys I’ve bought at full price since then are a few Eagles jerseys here and there. Other than that, you can catch me bargain hunting in the Thrift Store Gems thread. Can’t pass up a good deal on a jersey that’s in good condition!
  10. Found an old CCM branded White Sox jersey today for 10 bucks. Trying items on isn’t allowed right now but it was my size (large) so I figured it was worth buying. Got it home and unfortunately it’s a little too short for me to wear comfortably. If anyone is interested in it I’d be happy to send your way if you’re willing to cover shipping.
  11. Yeah, that’s what I meant... as a reference to Native Americans. Makes sense, thanks. The few times I hear it in Canada I wouldn’t say it’s meant to be an insult either, just more of an archaic and inaccurate term.
  12. Ok, the post below makes a lot more sense after I’ve read the new text replacement! I spent way too long trying to figure out what @Go Red Sox! was trying to say. Also, aside from the Cleveland baseball team, is the word Indian still commonplace in the US? I feel like hardly anyone in Canada (at least that I encounter) use that word for anything other than you know... things/people from India.
  13. Colours are nice. Name is awful. Logo reminds me of a seahorse.
  14. Having one of the best logos in sports makes up for a subpar name in my opinion.
  15. I had a sinking feeling they were going to show a giant squid when she said “what is that?” Anything but Kraken.
  16. The bolded part is why I'm cool with DC Sentinels. By changing "Washington" to "DC" and not going with a "Red-" name, I think that's a good way to start fresh and have an easier time conditioning people to the new name. The less similarities, the less likely slip-ups will occur.
  17. I hope they don't go with something stupid like Edmonton Energy and try to tie it in to industry in Alberta.
  18. - "What does the 'EE' in 'EE Football Team' stand for?" - "Edmonton... uhh I don't know what the second 'E' stands for yet... but I know it's not Eskimos"
  19. Totally understand. Habit is one thing and mindlessly calling something the name you've always known it as makes sense. My question was geared towards the other guy who was basically saying he was digging his heels in and refusing to call the team by the new name. My local arena adopted a corporate sponsor probably about 15 years ago and I still find myself slipping up and calling it by it's old name sometimes. Being a creature of habit is different than flat-out refusing to accept a change.
  20. The Buffalo Bills might have a problem with that
  21. Why? Do you call the Titans the "Ex-Oilers"? Do you still refer to the Rams and Chargers as being from St. Louis and San Diego?
  22. Or if they refuse to let it sink it, we get stuck with "Golden Kraken"
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