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  1. The italicized numbers on the helmet look better when the helmet is facing left. Too bad since helmets are generally pictured facing the other way.
  2. Agreed. I feel like with all the extra time people have had at home to clean and de-clutter, thrift stores would be ripe with recently donated gems.
  3. Oh for sure. That’s definitely a no-go for me!
  4. I tend to flip-flop on this but I think it’s due to my age and how long I’ve been a fan. Since I’m an Eagles fan, I’ll use them as an example. I find it odd that they produce current day Nike jerseys of Brian Dawkins. I wouldn’t buy one and it doesn’t quite look right to me but I think that’s because I was a fan when he was actually on the team and had the opportunity to buy his jersey at that point in time. On the other hand, take a player like Reggie White whose stint with the Eagles was before my time. If Nike were to produce his throwback jersey I’d be completely fine with that, and maybe even think about buying one because I like how well the “limited” jerseys fit. Modern template but throwback player and jersey. I think the difference with the Dawkins example for me is seeing a “throwback” of sorts but it’s the jersey the team still wears. Modern template and jersey, but a throwback player. The Nike Dawkins jersey might be the only option for a younger kid who wants to represent the history of the team other than buying secondhand. Makes me feel old! So let me ask you this question then... if Nike were to reproduce a Sonny Jurgensen Redskins throwback with the Lombardi stripes for example, would that irk you the sane way the Sean Taylor jerseys do?
  5. I was at a friend's house for his kid's second birthday party. One of the other guys there had a Seahawks jersey on... #69 and the NOB was "MYBAHLZICH". Needless to say, I didn't strike up a conversation with the guy.
  6. Using both shades of blue in the same uniform is what created the need to make the change they just made.
  7. Interesting. I thought I spotted a ball like that behind Goodell during the draft last night but didn't think much of it. That explains that I guess!
  8. This is the first time I've ever noticed the Steelers logo and 19 shaped into the thigh pads. That's an interesting little touch. Is that just a Smith-Schuster thing?
  9. It's gonna be that "bone" colour they have in the shadow of their logo isn't it...
  10. Tough to compete with @the admiral's belt-worthy post. I'd settle for a CCSLC Slammy Award though
  11. I like everything except the periwinkle.
  12. It’s a little darker than the silver in their logo and on their helmet though, more of a charcoal. That’s usually the first thing I notice on knockoff Eagles jerseys. They always use a lighter silver.
  13. Yeah either that or it’s so engrained in the casual fan’s brain that this is what the Browns should look like that they’ve overlooked the last five years. Add that to the fact that the Browns aren’t really a team that’s in many feature games, I can see how a non-uniform nut wouldn’t have been exposed to the last monstrosities very much.
  14. What’s the story here? Braves jersey with a Giants cap? I’ve never seen the movie.
  15. Agreed. I don’t know what the difference is for me between the colour rush and the regular home/away but the logo on the sleeve seems extra noticeable and redundant on the colour rush. It just seems more jarring next to the helmet than the regular jerseys but I can’t quite put my finger on why.
  16. Yeah that’s what I’m wondering too. He doesn’t even seem sure about which jersey will be white... That’s a bit of a head scratcher.
  17. For anyone who's looking to buy a jersey (in general, not just the Falcons) and not sure what level to choose, the Limited is the most comfortable and best fitting football jersey I've ever owned.
  18. Indeed I was. I was being facetious in suggesting that players actually cared about "earning" the stripes and wouldn't want them taken away. I'm aware that swapping out or removing decals/stripes is common practice.
  19. The 53 man roster earned those stripes in the preseason! Can't take that away from them just for an alternate
  20. Add KC to the list. Dallas only has a wordmark on their navy jerseys and Cincinnati and NYG have their primary logo.
  21. I'm an Eagles fan, though not from Philly. Unlike Vet, I think the current wings are the best their helmets have ever looked. Any concept I've seen with the current wings and kelly green always look off to me for some reason. I think any of the older iterations of the helmet work for a throwback, but not a full-time look. I'd be content if the Eagles never changed their uniforms again... and I'm not just saying that because they wore them when they became the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. I love how the Eagles own midnight green within major North American sports. You see that colour, and you know it's the Eagles. Yes, they follow the typical 90s template of contrasting cuffs/collar, logos on the sleeves, and a unique but not outlandish number font but I think that is a standard that has aged well. With the Bucs reverting back to a similar look, I think that this template is almost becoming a "classic" at this point. If/when the one helmet rule goes away, IMO the Eagles should be no different than the Bucs in having the best of both worlds, a classy and contemporary look (as Vet put it) with some killer throwbacks for the kelly green and creamsicle lovers out there. Aside from the black alternates, I think the Eagles current unis always look balanced too. The black socks work with any uniform/pant combinations and you never get the full leotard look. The primary logo on the sleeves works great since it's not on the helmet too.
  22. Man that number font and side shadow is bad. That looks like 5G
  23. Genius. That's so simple yet so effective.
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