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  1. What I’ve gathered from this is that grey facemasks would look good on every team except the Bucs and the Ravens.
  2. Interesting! I really appreciate that peek behind the curtain. The color rush you mentioned sounds pretty bad. Any idea what happens to the unused prototypes? Obviously we see some pop up for sale here and there years later but are rejected options meant to be destroyed? Or do you think that anthracite with aqua numbers jersey still exists somewhere?
  3. Are you able to share what the others may have looked like? I totally understand if you aren’t allowed but you’ve sparked my curiosity!
  4. Hard to tell but the silver logo outline looks like it could be chrome
  5. I'm as thrilled to see orange as the rest of you but I think one of the most underrated upgrades is going back to a black facemask rather than the chrome one. What a difference that makes!
  6. And to make things even more fun... The Jets are the Titans The Chiefs are the Texans
  7. Yeah, that's bad. Is it supposed to be Oilers colours? It looks more like the Colorado Avalanche.
  8. Vikings - flesh tone Titans - red since it’s no longer on the uniforms aside from the swoosh
  9. I was coming here to post the same thing! I’ve been scouring eBay a little more lately. So far all I’ve purchased is an Eagles chrome mini Riddell and a Bret Hart Calgary Hitmen bobblehead that I’ve been wanting for a while.
  10. Just curious, but what determines when a topic is marked as "hot"? I'm assuming it's a certain amount of posts within a given timeframe but just wondering what that is.
  11. You know... with white pants I wouldn’t hate this.
  12. A logo that spans 30 yards on what will be a shared field? I doubt that’ll wind up happening.
  13. I find myself not really liking the gap in the stripe as well but then when it runs behind the C I can't help but see a 6, or a G, or an 8 at first glance. To be honest, I'm not too sure what I see but it's not instantly recognizable as a C. I feel like that would get worse the more it's scaled down as well.
  14. Glad Charles Robinson ran in to confirm this logo’s legitimacy
  15. The way I look at it (unsubstantiated in my own brain at least) is that athletic gold is a subset of the broader "yellow". No different than how navy and royal are both considered "blue". To me, yellow is a general term that could apply to a variety of shades within that category. Is athletic gold yellow? Sure! Is "athletic gold" a more descriptive way of describing its specific shade of yellow? Certainly.
  16. That looks right up my alley, thanks! That’s a neat touch and something I would’ve likely walked right by in a crowd had I not known about it. Appreciate the info! Glad to hear about the sightlines... I was surprised there was no virtual venue where I could check out the view from potential seats. Had to make a purchase without my usual double, triple, and quadruple check.
  17. Thought I’d revive this thread... I’ll be going to the Angels home opener in April which will be ballpark 11/30 for me. Not bad for a guy from northern BC! I collect an ice cream helmet from every ballpark I go to but I’m curious to hear if you guys have any must-eats at Angel Stadium you’d recommend or any tips in general. Reviews and food guides don’t seem to be as prevalent compared to other parks I’ve visited.
  18. Quote from the logo description on the mothership:
  19. - "Bucs" on one sleeve and the pirate ship on the other
  20. Interesting, thanks for the insight! I had gathered from your display name you were a season ticket holder but this is the first I’ve heard of different ticket groups. It’s on my bucket list to make a trip to Lambeau at some point so I’ll have to keep that in mind when I decide which game to attend.
  21. The one horn looks way too much like something coming out of its neck compared to something behind the head. It also looks larger than the one that’s nearer to us. The depth is way off.
  22. Can you elaborate on what you mean here? This is the first time I’ve ever heard those terms.
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