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    Reynoldsburg, Ohio USA (Columbus Area)
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    Cleveland Browns, Ohio State, Football History (College & Pro), Golf, Music, Fishing, Weightlifting.

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  1. Ohio State. 60's/70's Brutus Buckeye from an old pennant of mine
  2. I don't have a torres pic, that's me in the photo, and Torres can go **** himself now

  3. Anyone have Old School Helmet Templates: Riddell Single Bar Mask Riddell Double Bar Mask Riddell Maskless with the leather ear/jaw pads Leather Helmets Thanks
  4. I can think of two other instances where a team wore an (Intended) alternate jersey just one game then for some reason, got rid of it. The Cincinnati Reds wore a Red Alternate in the 80's or 90's that spelled out "CINCINNATI" across the front. In the 70's or 80's, The Phillies experimented with an all Burgundy Home Uni and soon got rid of it.
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