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  1. Longtime Houston Oiler Ray Childress as a Dallas Cowboy
  2. Ted Hendricks, not as a Colt (1969-73) or as a Raider (1975-83) but as a Packer (1974)
  3. Ward also won a Heisman Trophy as a Seminole, so I wouldn't exactly say his football uniform is wrong.
  4. Very true. But Dallas drafted him, and if he hadn't been successful as a Cowboy, the Niners might never have shown any interest. But I certainly can't argue with your logic. But the Niner uniform is still "wrong" to most Cowboy fans!
  5. Thanx for posting this. I'm sure I won't be able to define them in casual conversation, but at least when I see the terms used, I can say I've seen those terms before!
  6. This isn't the best photo, but #40 is longtime NYG Ron Johnson, in his one partial season with the Dallas Cowboys. This comes from the Aug 7, 1976, preseason game which the Rams won, 26-14: