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  1. The gray for the Giants is amazing.
  2. I made some updates based on feedback on the site and outside. - Removed neck - Added underbite - Updated colors
  3. While I was generally pleased with the Cleveland Browns uniform updates this week, I was also disappointed that they made no effort to develop a “real” logo for the team. Past attempts at both bulldog and elf logos have fallen short but the helmet logo simply has to be retired. In response, I threw together a quick draft idea. Now, I’ve officially developed design blindness. What say the board? Is the concept an upgrade to existing and previous Browns marks? How could it be improved? I know there is some line cleanup and fine-tuning to be done but I wanted to settle on the major aspects first. Thanks in advance!
  4. Not sure if it's his work, but this is very similar in style to Mike Ray at Tycoon Creative. He's a great illustrator, who has worked with many high schools. Here's some of his work: Thanks for the link. I like a lot of these designs. I'm pretty confident that it isn't his, however, as I designed this one, myself.
  5. Grageg

    Golden Gophers

    All, After a long delay and a few discussions, the school decided they wanted to have me do the redesign, but wanted a "front" view and wanted it to be more aggressive and strong. Here is my first draft I'd planned to submit. I'm looking for some constructive criticism and general thoughts, as I've been looking at it since last night and I've lost all perspective.
  6. I had a friend request a logo for his fantasy football team and we were both happy with the way it turned out. The Haitian Sensations: C&C is always welcome. We're still open to changes.
  7. Although I'm a huge Buckeye fan, the recent uniforms have bothered me for a few reasons: 1. No gray on the home jerseys. 2. Silver helmets with dull gray pants. 3. Inconsistent stripe proportions between pants and helmet. I decided to take a shot at an Ohio State uniform overhaul. A few notes about these sets: - I darkened the gray and made the scarlet a tad more red. - I *think* I've decided on matte gray helmets to match the pants, but I could be convinced that they could be metallic (more traditional). - I ultimately settled on an older style of numeral font. OSU used these numbers years ago. - I included an alternate gray jersey and white pants, along with a white helmet VERY sililar to what was worn three years ago against M*chigan. As a bonus, I took a shot at updating a logo and I even threw in a "Script Ohio" style wordmark. I'm interested in your feedback. Especially fellow Buckeyes.
  8. Grageg

    TCU Logo

    In light of the issues that TCU has had with their new logo, I decided to try my hand at an update. My immediate concern is that it may be too complex/detailed. C&C welcomed!
  9. Inspired, in part, by the "Old logos that are better than the current" thread. I decided to update a classic, and get rid of some teal at the same time. I updated the Mariners trident logo with a baseball behind it, because the star always seemed a little arbitrary to me. I eliminated the ball for the hat, though. I kept things as basic and clean as possible. Hope you all enjoy it.
  10. Sorry for the crudeness of this, but I gave the "G" a shot in Paint. To pull it off, the inside bar of the "G" has to be minimized. To get away from the "S" feeling, I added downward strokes on the top-right (bottom left) and blocked the opposite sides off (which removes some of the symmetry that makes the "S". I THINK this reads better?
  11. I'm struggling with seeing a "G". I keep wanting to read "S". Maybe you could try a lower case "g", which naturally results in an easier ambigram when done with a full circle tail.
  12. I was actually led to the Ambigram Generator site, as a result of this thread. I was looking for other examples of cool ambigrams. I generated one of my daughter's and (soon to be) son's name. It turned out great. The dead giveaway to me was a similar font, and the fact that one of them siwtched word on the flip. I figured I'd type them in, just to see. Sure enough, two are EXACTLY the same. Calls the origin of the third into question, as well. Disappointing to me, as well, considering 1st down is capable of great work.
  13. These would be more impressive if you actually designed them. Ambigram Generator Not trying to be a jerk, but we don't like it when people steal work from this site. Probably should give others the same respect.