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  1. I made some updates based on feedback on the site and outside. - Removed neck - Added underbite - Updated colors
  2. While I was generally pleased with the Cleveland Browns uniform updates this week, I was also disappointed that they made no effort to develop a “real” logo for the team. Past attempts at both bulldog and elf logos have fallen short but the helmet logo simply has to be retired. In response, I threw together a quick draft idea. Now, I’ve officially developed design blindness. What say the board? Is the concept an upgrade to existing and previous Browns marks? How could it be improved? I know there is some line cleanup and fine-tuning to be done but I wanted to settle on the major aspects first. Thanks in advance!
  3. Not sure if it's his work, but this is very similar in style to Mike Ray at Tycoon Creative. He's a great illustrator, who has worked with many high schools. Here's some of his work: http://www.tycooncreative.com/work/ Thanks for the link. I like a lot of these designs. I'm pretty confident that it isn't his, however, as I designed this one, myself.
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